10 Ways To Detoxify Your Mind

Detoxification of Mind:

Detoxification or detox is a process of releasing toxic component from our body. Like our body, our mind is also intoxicated by the toxic emotions and negative thoughts. Every emotion is the energy. So, a balance among the every emotion makes the mind beautiful and peaceful. If this balance is disturbed, the mind begins to suffer with stress, worries and unhappiness. This stress leads to search happiness outside, whereas it is within us. The toxicity of the unhealthy emotions like anger, hate, jealousy, greed, panic, frustrations, depressions etc., intoxicated our innate happiness. So, we need to detoxify our mind. Only then, we can find our innate happiness and peace of mind.

10 Ways To Detoxify Your Mind:


There are several processes of detoxification of the mind. Here, I describe the ten major ways to detoxify the mind.

1.     Releasing toxins:

Those toxic emotions should be released from the mind. But, don’t throw those to other’s mind in a raw form. Suppose, you are getting angry for some reasons. It raises your stress. Your mind will always try to release this toxin. To get relief from the stress, you just throw it to another person and he just follows the same procedure for his relief. In this way, anger toxicity is transmitted person to person. But, if you release your anger in some of your activities (it’s better to say which you love to do) like writing, dancing, painting, singing, jogging, cooking, walking or the works which need a huge energy (and you like to do that), it cannot spread toxicity in the environment. But, keep in mind, whatever you do, do alone. Try to use the tremendous energy of the powerful emotions, like anger and hate, in a purposeful work.

2.     Transformation of Toxin:

Some toxic emotions like jealousy, guilty of mistakes, Hate, you can transform into some good emotions. Suppose, you are jealous of your friend, who has a brighter career than you, and feeling intoxicated by the toxicity of jealousy. If you stop comparing you to your friend and practice the habit of appreciating the person rather than destroying the relationship, you can transform your jealousy to your empathy. Like this way, you can also transform the hate into forgiveness by accepting  the person as he/she is and learning a lesson from the incident . In this way, the energy of the toxic emotions will convert into the energy of performing some good work.

3.     Habits of learning- Innate Immunity:

This is a habit, which acts as our Innate immune system. It protects you from the exotoxin   (the  toxic emotions come from the external incidents).  If you practice the habit of learning from every small and big incident of life, the toxicity of those incidents couldn’t harm you. The lessons, which you have learned from the incidents will enrich you more. Suppose, if you try to learn from your failure rather than feeling frustrated, you can use the failure as your stepping stone.

4.     Self-value- Acquired Immunity:

Society has a tendency to release the toxin like panic, frustrations, negative thoughts  in the raw form to the environment , that means to other persons. These toxins can affect badly to the persons, who has no self-value. They see the poisonous toxins as the medicines for their improvement as they don’t know themselves. So, one should give value to oneself. Otherwise, one cannot fight with these kinds of exotoxins. It acts like an Acquired immunity. People make this system strong by the repetitive attack and exposure to these toxins.

5.     Introspection- Antitoxin:

Sadness or depression like emotions, generally distract people from the external environment and make the people less energetic. If one accepts this intoxication as the opportunity of self-growth, it helps one in introspection.  So, you can save your life from losing in a world of depression, by this way. Introspection is a very good antitoxin to detoxify the mind from many kinds of exotoxins like criticism, negative thoughts, wrong guideline, blind faith and so many toxins those badly intoxicate the mind.  So, these types of toxic emotions can create  antitoxin in the mind and then detoxify it.

6.     Patience-Innate Immune System:

This is also a type of the innate immune system. It helps us to keep patience in any unexpected situation and observe it properly.  People with this quality cannot get affected by the environmental toxin easily. One can adopt this nature by increasing his tolerance level of mind by continuous practice. Then, you can say it, as an acquired immunity.

7.     Dissolving the Ego:

Ego is highly responsible for toxicity in mind. Usually, we cannot understand it well until we find our true self. But, we can understand its presence by our pride or “I-ness”. Pride is a kind of toxin that not destroy  the person only, but also ruins his/her relationships.  It intoxicates the mind such a bad way, that the person forgets almost all of his/ her good qualities and emotions. The funny thing is that the pride intoxicated persons cannot realize their toxicity until they are ruined by their pride. So, it’s better to be conscious of the presence of the pride after every success or achievement. If it arises, try to dissolve that at the beginning. Otherwise, it will rise like a giant and finally kill you.

8.     Antitoxin- Self-praise:

Toxins,  like extreme criticism, the pressure of high expectations, negative thoughts, which are coming from the outside, can create a severe level of depression toxicity in one’s mind. This kind of toxicity kills the hope of living anymore or it can cause mental death. Sometimes this toxicity also leads committing suicide. In this case, self-praise acts as a chemotherapeutic medicine, which is formed from the poison of the snake. Self-praise, itself the  pride and kills our original good nature in normal condition. But, in the critical condition, it acts as a lifesaving antitoxin to detoxify tremendous toxicity in the mind.

9.     Meditation-Preventive measure:

Meditation is a good measure of preventing toxicity. But, a toxic mind cannot meditate well. So, if you practice meditation on a daily basis, environmental toxicity cannot intoxicate you easily.

10. Acceptance:

It is the ultimate way to detoxify our mind. It also prevents toxicity in the mind. Think positive and accept the life as it is. Everyone is unique. You cannot compare yourself to another person. So, appreciate the good nature and accept the bad nature of the people. Don’t allow the others interference in your life. Live the life in your way. This is the acceptance and ultimate medicine or preventive measure of toxicity in the mind.


Toxicity in mind is very common in our daily life. So, either we should do some preventive measure to protect our mind from the environmental toxicity, or we should practice the detoxifying measure to detoxify our mind. Practice these measures of detoxification to keep your innate happiness and peace in your life.

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Vandana Mathur

Accepting people as they are surely helps a lot, and reduces unnecessary tension. But I am not sure whether we should accept things or situations as they are without trying to change them for the better.


I have always been interested to know the science behind human feelings and emotions, also find the solutions to heal pain.

Your posts on toxic, interest me and I find them very helpful.

I have written similar kind of post, but literature rather than science.
Approach to kill bitterness in someone, how to make peace with past and so on.
Wondering how would they look from your view.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and work with the world.