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Day: November 10, 2016

Happiness Comes From Pain

Happiness Comes From Pain

The light of happiness comes from the darkness of pain.

The journey of true happiness starts with pain.  Even, a baby has to feel pain in the birth canal to come into the world and enjoy the happiness. It’s not that happiness is outside and we have to cross the harsh road to find that. Happiness is within us. But, the attachment to the external object makes us dependent on the external factors like persons, money, property, food and so on. We always try to extract happiness from those by forgetting our inner happiness.

Inner happiness is true, independent, and constant. You cannot find it outside. It stays with us, from our childhood to old age. A child itself is full of happiness. So, the external happiness or unhappiness cannot bother a child. When a child turns to young, he/she starts to get attached to the external objects, finds his/her happiness in those. In this way, we forget about our inner happiness and loss ourselves in the worldly attachment.

You can experience true happiness only when you accept your pain. Pain comes as an obstacle to achieving external happiness.   It turns one from the exterior to interior. It makes a path which goes to the inner self.  True happiness is hidden in our inner self.  If you move on from your pain, you just escape from happiness.  Pain comes as blessings. But, we always see it as a curse. So, we always try to escape from grief and find happiness outside.  This happiness depends on various external factors.  This has no true base.  When those factors are changed, it turns into sadness.

This external happiness is just like a dream, which we see during our sleep. When we wake up our dream breaks. A wise person says it “illusions”. According to Hinduism (Vedanta), it is “Avidya” or “Ignorance”. To gain the “Vidya” or “Wisdom” you have to enter into yourself. Your wisdom only can help you to find out the true happiness. Once you achieve it, nothing can disturb your happiness. You will stay as joyful as long as you live in this world.

Happiness comes from pain:

 The equation of true happiness is simple, though the solving part is not easy. First,  we enjoy the external happiness as much as you can, according to your desire. If an obstacle comes, try hard to overcome it. If you cannot, accept it, rather than escape from it. Obstacles, like grief or pain, are the light to see your inner Self. Grief or pain first break our pride that is also called “I”- ness. ‘I” is the ego,  which acts as a shield over our “Self”.  Grief breaks ego and enlightens “Self” by the process of introspection.

Sincere introspection makes you wise.  This wisdom will guide you to discover the boundless happiness.  That’s mean, again, you have to suffer in the pain of the birth canal. Then you could see the light of the world. That is happiness.  This is your rebirth because from now, you will enjoy the worldly happiness in a new way.  Now, you don’t have to depend on other external materials for your happiness. You are full of happiness. You are complete and independent too. This happiness is so strong that, no worries, no pain, no criticism cannot make a dent to your unbound happiness.

The Sunshine comes in every morning. But, we realize the value of sunshine after a dark and stormy night. Similarly, one can only experience unlimited happiness after suffering in pain deeply.

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