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Day: November 11, 2016

Don’t Heal: See Yourself Through Your Wound

Don’t Heal: See Yourself Through Your Wound

Wound is the window of your mind

Don’t heal the wound:

It is said that “time can heal the pain”. Yes, your pain will be ameliorated by a certain time and you will cover your wound with something. But, the wound can persist as long as you live the life. You can understand that when the shielded wound of yours is touched by something,  you must feel the pain that time. That’s mean; your wound is not healed. Don’t heal it until the purpose of the wound is not fulfilled. Even if you try, you cannot.  Wound comes to our life for a particular purpose. 

Normally, when everything is going in a proper way, we don’t ever feel to know ourselves well.  When things are going wrong, when things are not happening according to the level of expectations, we realize that we are in a struggle or in a battlefield of life.  Then we have to act as a true warrior. A true warrior needs to know about his/her strength and weakness as well. If he/she doesn’t know about  that, the wounds will come, repeatedly to hurt him/her and finally he/she has to leave the battlefield or has to lose his/her existence in the struggle.

Your wound is a hole of your mind to see the inside of it that means to see yourself.  It’s like a window from where you can take a view of your own self.  So use this window to know about yourself rather than covering it with something. If you use your wounds like this ‘window’, your wound will be cured and healed with the time. Time favors those who know to use it well.

How to use your wound as your window of the mind:

Rumi said, “The wound is where the light enters you.”  Light comes through your wound to enlighten the darkest part of yourself.  So, use the time for some introspection and identify your strengths and weaknesses.  That will help you face new challenges of life, courageously.

Before discussing this point, we need to clear some things about the wounds.

Causes of the wound:  

  • Loss: Lossing of near and dear ones by sudden or unexpected death.
  • Sudden loss of organ or body parts.
  • Love: Breaking up of any relationship in an unexpected way.
  • Failure of fulfilling a dream.
  • Sudden Loss of Reputation and property.
  • Incomplete goal.
  • Unexpected bad news.

How do you know your wound is healed?

Our physical wound is visible. So, we can see the healing process completely.  But, how do you know about your psychological wound?  You can understand it by your  psychological conditions. Are the tears rolling down your cheeks when you remember the incident?  Are you still feeling upset in the crowd when those things come into your mind? That’s mean; your wound is not cured.  It needs time.

 But, if you feel no pain from your wound  when you are talking about your story to someone,  means your wound is healed.

What will you do immediately after the injury?

Immediately after the injury, severe pain comes from your wound. Act as an experienced Doctor and prescribe an appropriate painkiller to reduce the pain as much as possible. Now, the question is what is the painkiller? It depends on man to man and pain to pain. I can only give some examples of good painkillers. Mind it, painkiller only reduces the pain for some time only, but it can’t heal. Good music, songs, good books, movies can give you relief for some time. But in a case of losing pain need someone to share.  A devotional prayer to God is very helpful. Involve in work, also helps to forget the pain for  a certain time period, But, it’s difficult in the primary phase. Travel also helps to reduce the pain for some time.

When the tears of your eyes become dry, try to see yourself through the hole of your wound.

Introspection-  Mark Your Strength and Weakness:

Introspection is the most important part of healing. So, it should be done in a proper way. Otherwise, the time will be totally wasted. Hence, I have tried to explain the process of introspection through this chart with the text. You have to do it alone within by a continuous conversation with your mind.

Process of Introspection
  • Stop all the noise around you. Take some times exclusively for yourself.
  • Gain up some courage to touch the wound. Look back to the incident. Try to analyze that. Why the incident hurt you so much? What was your fault? Had you tried your best?  What was your role at that time? Had you overreacted? Had you taken necessary action at that point? Try to find out the answer to the questions like these.  But, mind it you can only control your car on the road but not others.  So, just focus on your roles, your actions and everything about you linked to this incident. Don’t go to judge other persons. It only diverts you from your goal. Keep in mind, your goal is Introspection.

[People around you may suggest “don’t touch the wound. It will give pain only. Just forget about it.” They are not wrong actually. It raises huge pain. But the pain is for once in a lifetime. If you can tolerate the pain of pulling a bullet from your wound, no wound can injure you like that. This pain makes you so courageous that you can conquer any battle of life.  But forgetting has no role in life. It only builds a thin shield over the scar, but cannot heal it. ]

  • After this sincere ‘Q and A’ session, you will definitely get some answers. It works best when you jot down this questions and answers as well, in your private journal. The answers are the keys of your locking period. You can understand why your life becomes stagnant. You can get a clear view of your weaknesses.
  • The satisfactory answer of this analysis increases your courage more. You will definitely want to go deep into that. When you will dip into that, you will see your roles in various incidents related to that. From those incidents, you can mark more weaknesses of yours.
  • Work on those. To know your strength, first, mark your weaknesses. You know, you are basically a strong person. You are handling your whole life in a proper way except one or two incidents that hurt you at your ‘Achilles heel’. So, to be a great warrior first identify your mistakes and weaknesses. Then, turn your mistakes to your achievements and make your weaknesses to your strength or be aware of your ‘Achilles heel’.
  • It takes some time. This time is your healing period and this process is the healing process of wounds.


If you use this time for the treatment of your wound by seeing yourself through your wound, time will heal your wound, completely.  Healing doesn’t mean gaining about the same thing, which you have lost. But it is more than that you have lost. So, don’t heal the wound until you used it as your window for your introspection.  Wound comes to you to make you a strong warrior to conquer the battle of life.

What is The Purpose of Life?

What is The Purpose of Life?

One of the most discussing topics of the today’s life is  What is the purpose of life? We always think like that I am an important person and I’m here for a particular purpose. When this thinking is arising in our mind, we are being busy to find the purpose of life. And then, this search distracts us from our life. We forget about the life. We forget to love the life. We forget to see the beauty of life.  In this way, if we are turned aside from the path of life, how can we find the purpose of life?

The meaning of life is hidden within the life. The life doesn’t mean money, success, job, family, property and relationships. We came into this world alone and one day we will go alone. So, “I” alone is life. Rest of all exist because of this “I”. Life is like a river.  When we can flow with the stream of the life, we can enjoy the never ending beauty of it. Thus, if we know this “I” or “who am I”, we can consciously flow with the current of aliveness. We can enjoy every beat of life with full of happiness because the real happiness belongs to our soul.

The purpose of life is to flow with the stream of life.

When we can consciously travel with the life, we don’t need to find any other purpose.  Searching the purpose of life means, focusing the aim more than the life. Suppose, someone thinks finding God is the purpose of life. That means God is more important than life. Then the next question comes “what is the purpose of God?”  In this way, the questions are going on endlessly.

God is here because life is here. If life is not here, the question will not come into the mind. Everything is because of life and life has no purpose.

Suppose, after deep thinking and astrological counting, you have found you are born to win Noble prize. Imagine, one day, you achieved it. Then what will you do then? You have already fulfilled your purpose of life. Now, there is no meaning of life to you. Are you going to commit suicide?

No, no, certainly not. You must carry on the work, you were practicing before that. That’s mean, there is nothing more valuable than the life or greater than the life. Spirit is proceeding on its own path. Life itself is its purpose. Thus, finding the purpose of life means ignoring the spirit. Only, the ignorant does that. The person, who loves his life, cannot endure finding that.  The love has no purpose other than loving. In the same way, life has no purpose other than living. So, nothing is more beautiful than living the life with the full force of spirit.


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