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Day: November 13, 2016

Importance of Fairy Tales in Childhood

Importance of Fairy Tales in Childhood

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”- Albert Einstein.
Childhood is the best time to inoculate the spore of imagination into the child’s mind. Imagination is the reflection of a child’s thoughts. So, it takes and important role in children’s development.Whatever she observes in her surroundings, paints the picture in her mind. Her imagination is the reflection of that picture of her mind. The parents can understand their child’s psychology to some extent if they try to read her imaginations. A child cannot express her feelings, understandings and wishes by the words. Therefore, whatsoever is going on in the child’s mind comes out by her imaginations. Hence, imagination is the most important things in childhood for the child’s development.

Importance of fairy tale in the childhood

The parents always try to boost their child’s intelligence. They are providing all available modern technologies, books, video games, indoor games and so many things to make them intelligent. But, they miss the crucial key to unlocking their child’s intelligence. That is the book of fairy tales. One, who does not know the fairy tales, cannot be an intelligent individual. The fairy tale is the foundation of developing an imaginative child’s mind. And the imaginations lead to intelligence.
Let me clear the difference between imagination and intelligence.

Intelligence is nothing but the ability of quick thinking. That is also called sharpness of the brain. That’s mean; it depends on the activity of the brain. As much as the brain is active, the child’s intelligence will be increased.

Imagination increases the ability of fast thinking. When the child hears the fairy tales or stories, they are thinking about those by their own way. That is the imagination. It is the reflection of their intellects.
In this way, the stories and fairy tales of childhood create an imaginative mind and the child becomes intelligent. Not only that but the imaginations also increase the creativity of the child.


In recent days, the childhood is confined within the 5-9 inch screens. Children are spending their time on mobiles or tablets to play the games and watch the YouTube videos of the cartoons. These activities stop their ability of thinking. They are becoming addicted to the technologies and games. I don’t know, whether this dependency will make a creative mind or it will paralyze the ability of thinking without the “Google”.

In our childhood, we are free from those mobile Apps, unlimited cartoons of the YouTube channels and Google dependencies. We were mostly spending our times by playing in nature and reading or listening to the stories and fairy tales. I am not alleging that our childhood is the best and the childhood of the recent kids are bad or we are more intelligent than them. I am just comparing the childhood of two generations to make out the importance of storytelling. Listening stories always make the child’s brain active. That’s why, one of the most intelligent people of the world, Sir Albert Einstein, once said, “ If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.

We cannot change the nature of the recent day’s kids as it is the trends of this generation. They are just imitating the nature of their parents. It’s true that in the nuclear families, parents are mostly engaged with their own works. It’s very difficult to find some quality times for the kids. In spite of that, they are managing times for them and using the times by watching movies, making parties and strolling in the shopping malls. But, these activities cannot build a creative mind or an intelligent child. To make that type of child, the parents need to fill up her childhood with the beautiful stories and amazing fairy tales. 

They don’t need to put more effort to do that. If they can make at least, fifteen minutes to half an hour daily, to tell (or read the books) the fairy tales to their child, it will be keen to raise a creative mind for the child. Thus, developing the ability of imaginations in the childhoods is the great sign of a promising future of the child.


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