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Day: November 14, 2016

The Blank Canvas of Child’s Mind

The Blank Canvas of Child’s Mind

The child’s mind is a blank canvas. Whichever color we show them, they will paint their canvas with that color. Children are the unbelievably good imitators.  We can’t imagine when and which thing they start to imitate from us. Thus, to paint a beautiful art in the blank canvas, we should use our colors, consciously.

Child’s mind is a blank canvas

A trained artist knows how to employ the colors in the white canvas on making a beautiful artwork.  But, the children are not the trained artist. They don’t know art. They just know to fill their blank canvas with the colors. Hence, whichever color they find in their vicinity, they just throw it on the blank canvas. That’s why the beauty of the canvas depends on the colors they used to fill the canvas.

We cannot hide anything from the children. They have a tremendous observing power. Many parents think like that, our child is not in our room, so we can fight now in a harsh language. That is wrong because we can control our language behind the door, but we cannot control our behaviors and attitudes every time in front of them.  The shadows of harsh fighting or negative thinking and worries will create impressions on the child’s mind. And that is enough for a child, to find the colors for their blank mind.

Parenting does not mean to train a child. Parenting is actually the training of the parents. How much they build them properly, they will be able to create a good portrait on the blank canvas of their child’s mind. So, a positive mindset of the parents is very important to bring up the children.

Quotes of Walt Disney

As the children are the good imitators, it’s easy to teach them something. Many parents are forcing their children to train them according to their desires. I’m dead against to the forcing attitudes. In fact, I think force is needed to break something or to destruct something. So, it’s better to encourage the natural development of children.  If we wish to fill their blank page with qualitative writing, we should read the content in front of them. That means, if we want to input some good habit into them, we should practice that habit, continuously in front of them. They learn from us. If they see those habits within us, they will copy those.

Thus, we need to bring up first before we bring up the children. It’s because they are our shadows. They take colors from us to paint their blank canvas of the mind. So, provide them the beautiful colors to make their blank canvas colorful.


Beautiful colors make the canvas beautiful.


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