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Day: June 28, 2017

WP-Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient.

WP-Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient.

It’s so funny that we want permanent things in the impermanence of life. Life is transient. So, everything attached with our living is transient like the autumn clouds that float away with the passing time.

A serene landscape.

Life is short. We make it lengthy by searching stability, safety, and securities in this short span of living. But at the end when it is going to disappear, we try to back it again. We just miss the opportunity of living in the present.

The flower that blooms in the morning, fades away at the evening and finally drops down on the earth. But, the time it lived, lived with its totality with its color, fragrance, and nectar.

The change is the only permanent thing in this impermanence life. The newly born green leaves of the Monsoon turned into yellow with the ages and finally shredded down on the earth in the Winter. Even the shredded leaves also disappear in the earth. We cannot hold anything forever.

Fallen leaf.

Life is transient as the dew drops on the leaves. It tries to hold the moment until it touches the ground to fade away. It spreads its beauty by reflecting its surrounding world when the morning sunshine falls on it. The beauty is also transient as it disappears with the heat of that sun rays.

Reflection within the dewdrop falling from the leaf.

The moment we live is only permanent in this transient life. So, nothing is more beautiful than to live the moment with our totality.

This week, the theme of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is – Transient. This is my entry for this Challenge.

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