3 Days Quote Challenge #1

Day 1:

Hello, everyone, my blog Close to you is nominated for 3 days quote challenge.  This is the second time, my blog is nominated for this challenge. I gladly accept the challenge from my two fellow bloggers Salma and Liza.

Salma, the author of the blog Salmamia: Salma is a very inspirational writer and a photographer also. I love her blog for her positive views on life and love for nature. Her smooth and thoughtful attract the mind of readers.

Liza, the author of the blog lizalizaskysaregrey:  Liza is a very thoughtful writer and a fan of Rumi Her poems always convey some beautiful messages about life. Her stories depict various relationship issues of life.  She is an amazing photographer. She always tries to link her photography with her thoughts.The most common thing between Liza and me is our love for Rumi’s poems and quotes or Rumi’s philosophy.

I’d like to thank Liza and Salma for nominating my blog for this challenge. It invariably, makes me feel good when my fellow bloggers think about my blog for any particular purpose.

Day 1 Quote:

I want to start this quote challenge by the quote of my one of the favourite philosophers, Osho. The quote is,

Love is the freedom of sky and Marriage is the bondage of the earth.


My Nominations for Day 1

I would like to nominate these 3 blogs for 3 Days Quote Challenge:

  1. My Feeling my Freedom.
  2. Pin and Ashes.
  3. Watching the daisies.

You are under no obligation to undertake this challenge, but it would be a great fun if you do that.


  1. 3 quotes, one a day, or all 3 quotes on the same day.
  2. You have to nominate three bloggers to undertake this challenge for each quote posted.
  3. Thank the person who nominated you.
  4. Inform your nominees.

Have fun. Looking forward your challenge.


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pins & ashes

I see a round two of the quote challenge coming up on my blog, two tags already since morning! Waiting for a third 😀

Sayanti aka Shine

That’s a good motivation. Readers love your blog.

pins & ashes

hey, thanks Shine. I’m grinning 🙂

Sayanti aka Shine

My pleasure.


Lovely quote, we do really lean towards the same quotes and philosophy don’t we 😊

Sayanti aka Shine

Yes and thanks.

Babu Appat

Sky and Earth, incidentally, form the two major ingredients with which the body of the whole inhabitants on earth are build- Panchabootha. Sky actually means the infinite void and earth is the basic solid stuff. The sky is limitless, so is freedom and earth is binding the soul to the prakruthi. Ha ha, wonderful.

Sayanti aka Shine

Thanks a lot for adding it’s explanation in brief.


Love is what gives us more hope and strength in this life, as well as feelings of reconciliation and unconditional unity. Lovely and wise quote!

Sayanti aka Shine

Yes, it is unconditional unity. That’s why it is freedom of sky.


That’s a lovely quote…..and congrats on the nomination 🙂

Sayanti aka Shine

Thanks Saaransh.


I also admire Rumi’s poems and philosophies. Like the quote.

Sayanti aka Shine

That’s very nice. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Brilliant quote!


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