5 Things That Stop You from Taking Chances in life.

By all means, you should take a risk in life. Either you will reach to your dream or you will learn a new itinerary to accomplish your dream.  Taking chances in life is not playing a dice with your life. It is a step that propels you ahead. Life starts beyond the comfort zone. When you learn to survive beyond your comfort zone, you are really making a motion forward in your life. And it sets off from choosing the risks or chances in your liveliness. If you count back into your past and find yourself repented for some matters, you will discover that you are repenting for the chances you have lost in your past. But, not the chances you had taken in your life.

Why you should take a chance in life?

I’m not saying that you should mortgage your house and play a high limit craps in the casino. I’m simply saying that to take a risk to attain at your aspiration.  And taking risk is a part of chasing your dream. The living is always a danger of dying. Any time and any moment it can take the life. So, there is no security in life. If you love someone, you will be at a risk of not being loved in return. In the same way, exposing your feelings to somebody is to the risk of rejection. Does it mean you will never love anyone? If you place your dream before the crowd, you will be at a risk of ridicule. Maybe the 9 people out of 10 will make ridicule about your dream. But, there might be one, who can seriously care about your dream and help you to accomplish your dream.  So, you should take the chance for that one person.

The things, which stop you from taking chances in life, do not exist  outside of yourself. Those are articulating in your mind and stopping you from taking chances in life.

5 things that stop you from taking chances in your life.

1.     Fear of  the mind:

 Fear always keeps you the same and stops you accept the change by taking a risk. It’s the trick of the mind that always find the Newness as the enemy and sameness as a friend. And you are the one, who can only win over the state of fear in your mind by taking chances in life.

2.     Not dreaming enough:

There are many people in this world who have no dream in life and like to stay at the same throughout their lives. Some people have dreams or some desire. But, they don’t live in their dream.  That means, they don’t work to accomplish that.  If you don’t live in your dream, you cannot take a risk to achieve that.

3.     Thinking too much:

Too much thinking leads a stressful life. Many people have a tendency to think more than enough about a single and simple matter. It makes them confused. And the funny things is most of their thinking is totally irrelevant to matter and dangerously negative. Hence,  there is no solution to satisfy their unreal thoughts or negative thinking. It seems like that you  are going to marry a girl and think what will happen if she cannot adjust with you. And this thinking stops you to marry someone. It’s a real example which I found at one my cousin’s life.

4.     Decision making:

One of the vital parts of taking a chance is to make a decision at the right time. People think so much to do that. For that reason, they often miss the required time to take a chance and then repent throughout the life for losing that opportunity.  To fix a decision one needs to look at all the relevant facts about the subject and his or her position. This helps to make a right decision at the right time.

5.     Lack of Confidence:

Lack of confidence stops you from making a decision and taking a chance in life. If you are not aware of your limitations and strengths, you cannot be a confident person. If you are not confident about yourself, you cannot gain the courage to accept the change or the newness.


The great philosopher and spiritual leader, Osho, once said at one of his speeches, “The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing. You may avoid suffering and sorrow. But, you cannot learn, feel, change, grow or love, Chained by certitudes, you are only a slave. Only the person who risks is free.”

Taking a risk is nothing but living the life more lively. Once you take a risk in life, it makes you more confident in your action that helps you to see the life with a positive attitude. When you win over those 5 things that stop you from taking chances in life, you can a step forward in your liveliness. I’m not saying it will bring all the happiness that you desired. But, if you miss the chance, you never get that happiness in your life.


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