The Zen of Living: 5 Ways to Live in the Moment

Life has no warranty period. Once it starts it can be ended at any moment without any prior notification. And living is the deal of full of insecurity and uncertainty. If you want security, you have to find it at your grave. Hence, living is an art of dancing at the edge of the leaf like the dew drops. Any moment the fall can be settle from the foliage. Thus, living is always at risk.

“Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf.” –Rabindranath Tagore.

Dewdrop falling from the leaf.
Dewdrop falling from the leaf.

Being in the present is called Mindfulness. But, we hardly do that. We often feel concerned about the future, anticipate troubles and regretting about the past. This is the cause of all our suffering and agony.  But, when we start mindful living, we can celebrate every pulse of life. There are 5 ways of living in the moment.

The Zen of Living: 5 ways to live in the moment:


Life is all about acceptance. We often waste our time, by questing life “Why Me” or by cursing our fate for all. We cannot control the things happens to us. But, we can control our reactions regarding the things happening to us. If the outcome is sorrow, don’t hesitate to cry a lot. If the things make you happy, don’t forget to share it. Sharing increases the happiness more. living doesn’t only mean pleasure or happiness.  It is the combination of every emotion. So, take life as it is. This is the secret of living.

Be mindful in every Action:

Whatever you do, do it from your heart.  Invest your full energy into that particular task.  Try to do one task at one time. Then, you can concentrate on that task. If you have sex with a woman, concentrate on the sex with that woman. Don’t think about the other woman with whom you had spent the last night. Lol. Then, you can enjoy that the sex, totally.

Stop thinking:

We think too much about the future and the outcome of our actions and think less about the present.  Thus, we always miss the present or the moment, which we are passing.  We don’t have any time machine to see the future. In the same way, life has no rewind bottom to go back to the past.  Thus , Living in the present is the only way of living. The Past is only insight. I’m not saying to forget the past. The past experiences help us to deal the present in a better way and to learn from the past mistakes. The future is only hopes. Not any statistical calculation. So, live in the present with the hope of tomorrow.

Conquer the fear of death:

Where there is life, there must be the death. But, we always think that we are immortal. That’s the cause of all our insecurities.  We cannot calculate the ending time. But, at the time of death,  we can count the moments, which we have enjoyed, truly. Death can happen at any moment. The moment, you are breathing, can be your last moment. So, enjoy every moment as the last moment of life. It works to kick out the fear of death.

Be yourself:

We waste most of the time to think about others or by comparing us with others. But, we forget that any comparison needs a basic platform. We don’t have a basic platform. Everyone is unique and every person is going through the different situations. You can’t do the thing what I can because you are not me. Thus, the comparison has no value in life.

Another thing is we are often worried about what others think about us . We actually bothered about people’s opinion about us. If we would have been trying to know us, we didn’t require people’s view  about ourselves. People only see what you show them. Hence, they cannot judge you. Be yourself and love yourself. That’s the way to know yourself, properly. We are not here to entertain others or to impress others. As much as you think about others’ view, you’ll miss precious moments of your life.


Living in the present is the secret of happiness. As much as you can live in the moment, you will spend a stress-free life.  Stress is nothing but worrying about the future that is totally uncertain. So, celebrate each moment as it is the last moment of life and enjoy it totally, intensely and playfully. Life is like an ice-cream. Enjoy it before it melts. 

Never think hard about the past. It brings tears.

Don’t think more about the future. It brings fear.

Live this moment with a smile. It brings cheer.

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Good post !

Nicky M

I am working hard to live more in the moment and be happy right where I am – not always easy!


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