8 Horrific Violence against Women

Every year International Women’s day is celebrated with lots of future resolutions. We all are wishing each other “Happy Women’s Day” in a happy mood and describe us as a strong woman with pride. But, in this very day, can we ever try to hear the voices of the distressed women, who are suffering in violence throughout the world? From the last two days, I was thinking that how can we wish each other happy women’s day,  whereas half of our power are severely affected by violence? We all women need equalism. We are fighting for equal right in everywhere.  This fight keeps on going year after year because more than half of our power is suffering in malevolent practice of violence. We should fight for them first to raise our power for the big battle.

Women are still suffering throughout the world in various ways. But, here only, I’m trying to describe eight major and horrific violence against women. These are not devaluing the womanhood only, but also demoralize the humanity also.

8 horrific violence against women:

  1. Rape and Sexual assaults:

    rape5Rape and sexual assaults are becoming more common throughout the world. The developed countries published a yearly statistics of rape and sexual assaults based on reported cases. Only a few 10-15% cases are reported. In most of the cases, victims are feared to report or feel shameful to themselves for those incidents.  Society creates the impression of shame for women.  Awareness should be grown in the women that they should not be feeling shameful for those incidents. They should protest against the incidents by punishing the rapist badly. Rape is nothing but a crime like an attempt to murder. So, we all have to try to punish the rapist to stop rape. Silence only increases the numbers of victims.

  2. Sex trafficking and Sexual Slavery:

    traffikingA huge numbers of women and children are trafficked worldwide for sexual exploitations. They are being bought, sold and smuggled for the purpose of forced sexual works.  Adult women and girl children are trafficked for forced prostitutions, Sexual slavery and making pornography. Each year estimated more than 800,000 women and children are transported across the international border though the additional numbers of women and girls are hugely trafficked within the countries. Extreme poverty is the common bond among the victims. They are transported by offering job, marriage proposals and educational opportunities and by many other types of promises. Beyond the tremendous physical abuse, the victim women are suffering from an unlimited emotional stress like grief, shame, fear, distrust, anxiety, depressions, insomnia and so on. AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are very common among them.

Many volunteer organizations are working on them. But, without the individual awareness, it could not be stopped. An awareness should be developed among the women against the blind believes in someone’s false promises, marriage proposals and job opportunities without knowing anything about those.

  1. Female Infanticide:

    girlchild2Intentional abortion of unborn baby girl and the killing of newborn baby girl due to the tremendous gender discriminations are going on in a massive way in some South Asian countries like China, India, Pakistan. Part of the people of these countries, especially who are uneducated in the means of basic social sense and humanity, are still considered daughters as a burden of their families. They think that they will have to spend money to raise the girl, pay for their education and finally marry them off without getting anything in return. On the other hand boy will fend for the family and bring a “return on investment”.  So, bringing up a boy is a good investment rather than wasting money on a girl. These customs are irrelevant to poverty. Following this custom is nothing but a mental illness. People, who believe in this custom, should get well soon. Otherwise, they couldn’t get the machine for the production of boys in future. They need to realize that a girl can be independent and self-sufficient and happily provide for her family when they are empowered with proper education.

  1. Dowry Custom:

    dowryThis is the custom of transferring liquid paternal property to the daughter at the time of marriage. But, practically the family of groom demands a large amount of property based on groom’s educational qualifications and career track (in most of the cases) from the bride’s family. Shortly, it is a sell of the groom at a fixed price. This system is irrelevant to social status and it is continuing poor to rich, every standard of the people. The huge practices of dowry custom are going on in some south Asian, middle-eastern countries and North African countries. It leads to domestic violence. Newly married brides are tortured by the groom’s family due to the demand of dowry. Incidents of dowry death are also very common in India and Bangladesh. This custom is also the main cause of female infanticide.

This ancient and horrible custom should be stopped as soon as possible. Women are still unwanted in these countries only because of this custom. This custom can be stopped only by women. Women should protest against the dowry by rejecting the grooms who demand dowry in terms of marriage. Awareness should be developed in the families that spending money in girls’ education is more useful than giving dowry to the grooms’ family.

  1. Domestic violence:

    dom vioThis includes physical violence, emotional violence, sexual violence and psychological violence. Women are tortured by their spouses or her in-laws for various reasons. Dowry is one of the biggest causes of it. In many countries, men think women are nothing but a sex object and abuse the women as their wish and moods. This is also happening due to establishing men controlling power against the women. Rape is also included in it. Rape by spouse and relatives are happening silently behind the door. The victims should know their legal rights and criminal acts well and then, protest through the proper channel (like an NGO, Law of the country) against this violence.

  1. Acid Attack:

    acid1Throwing acid to torture and disfigure the women is happening in many parts of the world, though Bangladesh has been reporting the highest number of cases. Domestic and Land disputes, dowry demand, revenge, rejecting, marriage proposals are the main causes of acid attacks. Survivors of the acid attack are living as unwanted women in the society. Many NGOs are working with the victims. That sometimes helps the victims to start a new life.

  1. Forced Prostitutions:

    prosForced prostitutions are mainly the result of sex trafficking. Poverty and low economic conditions compelled a part of women to take prostitution as their profession. Sometimes the rape victims and survivors of the human trafficking are obligated to take it as professions due to social rejections. The women in this profession are badly tortured by the dealer or middlemen between the customers and the victims.

  1. Sexual assault and harassment in the workplace:

    workplaceWomen are also suffering in their workplaces. Passing nasty comment or touching with bad intention to rape, all are included in this violence. Most of the cases, women are forced to tolerate the harassment and assault to keep the job or to get promotions. Victims should handle it personally in a tough way. If that’s not working, they should go to the higher authority level or external employment tribunal. Every country has a proper law for the safety of employees. Victims should know their rights. Then, they can protest against this violence.

Women have experienced physical and sexual violence almost in every country of the world. The Laws and Government cannot prevent it only. There are many NGOs are working for women to save their life from the violence. But more organizations are needed. Most of all, the thing is needed to decrease the rate of these crimes is individual awareness.  Awareness against the violence, awareness against the fraud and awareness of social and moral sense are needed very much to eliminate the violence from the society. The victim should know well about the national and international laws against the violence rather than crying behind the door. They should not choose silence against  the violence.  Silence means supporting the violence.

 So, the victim should protest boldly against the crime by breaking their silence. We all women and men also keep in mind that fighting against the violence is not only victim’s job and the fight is not for women only. This is the fight for humanity. So, we all should raise our voices against this violence with the victims. So, we all should protest jointly to stop the horrific pandemic of violence against women. Then the international women’s day will be the Day of Elimination of Violence against Women.

[I want to mention thanks to the websites, which provide me required data and information to write this article.

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It dawns on me that demanding equality in this situation will not produce equality. I have sympathy toward this cause. Much in fact, but I think I’m correct in thinking that men all over the world are not too tuned in to these facts or willing to support them. So from an external standpoint, it is hard to make headway. There is, however, another way. Equality is inherent, as you’ve pointed out. Without women there would be no men. Treat yourselves as objects of respect and see if men will not step up to the plate as well. I wish… Read more »

Wanda Luthman

Such a serious topic. It causes me to pause and think about all the ways women have been mistreated. I didn’t have physical abuse but I did have mental abuse from my husband. It took me a long time to leave because I believed divorce was wrong. I finally left despite it being wrong and look back and realize that how I was being treated was wrong and the only right solution was leaving.