Exploring Kerala #6: Alleppey Backwater Village Trip

The main attraction of Alleppey backwater trip is watching the backwater dependent village-life.  The lifestyles of the villagers totally depend on the waters of those lagoons and canals. The only transport they use is the canoe and the boats. The earnings of the villagers mainly depend on the tourists and their trips on the seasons. Rest of the time, they earn money from paddy planting, fishing and selling coconuts or banana. We enjoy to see the enchanting scenic beauty of backwater and to watch the lives of the villagers. But, backwater centered village life is really struggling and they lead a life always at a risk. Here is a glimpse of that village life during our backwater trip.

Alleppey Backwater VillageTrip:

It doesn’t matter whether you book a houseboat or a Shikara or a Canoe for the trip. The trip will be same for all. But, the duration varies.  The backwater beauty depends on the narrow canals where you can find wide varieties of scenarios and freshness of typical village life. In this village tour, you can experience many interesting aspects of the day to day lives of the villagers in the land as well as in the water.

Life in the backwaters
Life in the backwaters.

They use this types of the boat (Canoe) for daily works, like going to school, office or workplace or hospital or market. Almost every family keep at least one personal canoe for their daily use. Those don’t have the canoe use public transport, that means the canoe.

The Backwater Village women.

The women of the villages are very active. They can drive the boat or the Canoe alone and can perform all the external activities like shopping, selling the homemade stuff to the nearby market, dropping the children in the school and so many works.

In this backwater trip of Alleppey, you can find a chance to visit the village Kollam. Kollam is popular for paddy plantation. Kollam rice is very much demandable and famous in South India. As a tourist, we get an opportunity to see the green paddy field Kollam.

The coconut and the banana plantation are also very popular in the villages of Alleppey.

Alleppey backwater village products.

You can see a variety of the local flowers of the village at the top left side of the picture collage. Just beside it, you can see the village people are filling their boat with the coconuts to sell those in the city market. In the bottom, you can see the paddy field of Kollam at the left side and the freshly cut raw banana stem with the cluster of bananas at the right side of the collage.

The photos and words are not enough to describe the experience of Alleppey backwater village trip. To experience the true beauty and essence of that backwater dependent village life, you must visit Alleppey once and plan a trip for the backwaters. You can plan your Alleppey backwaters trip by Alleppeybackwatertour.com

For better resolution and larger views of the photos visit my Flickr account, linked to the images.

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