Are you a Tourist or a Traveler?

This planet is not our permanent home. We are either a tourist or a traveler on the journey of life. There is a basic difference between tourist and traveler. A tourist sees whatever the guide show him. Whereas, a traveler sees, whatsoever the things comes in his way. But, the common thing between them is they are not attached to anything of the place. They know that they are traveling. After completing the journey they have to go back their home. So, they enjoy the place as it is. If they feel unhappy with anything, they don’t complain the authority of that place.

If the tourist suffers from anything, he asks his guide. The guide either consoles him or finds some way for getting out.  If the traveler experiences hard times of the journey, he keeps faith to himself as he knows morning comes over every night. In this way, they complete their journey with the mixture of joy and sorrow, with the combination of best and worst experiences,  with the undulation of win and lose and with the conclusion of nothing is permanent. At the end, they enjoy the whole journey  as everything is good and significant, just like the life.

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Life is going on with pain, sorrow and joy. Nothing can last forever. Winter goes and spring comes. The Sun rises after the darkest night.  Happiness comes after the end of sorrow. Thus, one can enjoy this animation only when he or she takes it on a journey and travel with it as a tourist or a traveller.  If you want to take this trip as a tourist, choose your inner self as your guide. But, If you want to travel like a traveler, follow your heart and go ahead. The journey will be the same for both. Hence, the choice is yours. In what way, you want to complete your journey of life, as a tourist or as a traveler?

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Insightful and thought provoking again Sayanti!

The Smiling Pilgrim

Agreed, I like it. The heart is the way to go 🙂 With a bit of wisdom from that inner voice 😉

The Smiling Pilgrim

Your reply had me a bit confused lol I was saying that wisdom comes from your inner voice though with wisdom there is probably a few more elements at play 😉