#AtoZChallenge: B is For Balance

Life is about a balance between too much and too little. For that reason, Buddha always said the word “right”. “Right” means balance or equilibrium. The extreme is wrong in both cases. You often see that somebody was trying too hard to crack some exam, but when the result came out he failed. The same thing happened with the one, who gave too less effort for that test. But, the one, who put the right effort, cracked it.

It likes riding the bicycle where you have to keep an equilibrium between your right and left to stop falling. It’s about staying at the center and ride the cycle by holding that balance.

letter B of #atozchallenge

It’s not a hard thing to keep that balance in animation. Just need an awareness. When the symmetry in life is disturbed, you will feel a pinch from inside. You can realize that the feeling of too much or too less. You simply need to compensate that by placing an extra weight or losing the excess weight of the balance machine of life.

quotes on balance
Quote on balance

 If you are too busy in your workplace and ignore your family or your passion, it will knock you that you are about to lose your equilibrium. Then you need to balance that by spending quality time with your family or find some time to pursue your passion. It relieves your stress and provides you an extra energy to do the work more effectively.

In the corporate world, people are engaging more on their left-brain activities like planning, analysis, profit, loss and much other logical thinking. It increases stress, which has a big impact on their working life and the family life as well. They need to do some right brain activities like some creative work or take an interest in art like painting, music, poetry. It will balance the excess left brain activities. The correspondence between the two hemispheres of the brain turns over you better clarity, better creativity, and better productivity.

The balance in life relieves your stress and makes you more productive and efficient. But, don’t take stress to keep the balance in life. Don’t worry; the imbalance always pinches you from within. Just be aware of that fact. It will tell you which is too much or which is too little. Just balance it and move the bicycle of your life in its direction.

This post is a part of Blogging from A to Z Challenge-April 2017 #atozchallenge on the letter B.

My theme of this challenge is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.

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Parul Thakur

Balance is sure the key to a life that is fulfilling. good one today.


Finding the balance in life… Be it work or pleasure is important. It’s so easy to lose oneself in work forgetting how badly it effects the health. Loved your analogy of cycling.

Vasantha Vivek

Really balance adds beauty to our lives !!!

Menaka Bharathi

A well balanced life is essential for personal effectiveness, peace of mind and living well.

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*Menaka Bharathi*

Maniparna Sengupta Majumder

Balancing is necessary in every way of life. W can see this precision of balance in the creation of Mother Nature everywhere. Wonderful take on the letter ‘B’. Wish you all the best with the A to Z Challenge…. 🙂