#AtoZchallenge- C is For Courage

Courage is the journey to move forward beyond the fear to know the unknown. It’s like that taking the risk of known to explore the unknown. It means, a courageous person knows his or her fear and has the strength to cross the boundary of that scare. Hence, fear is a common fact, between a coward and a courageous soul. The coward one follows the fear and the brave one accepts it and goes against the fear. So, it’s very important to recognize the fear and accept it as it is. This recognition makes your inner cowardice into courage.

C is for Courage

Courage cannot come from outside. It is within you. If you don’t have the courage, you cannot live for a moment. When you go outside of your home, you take the risk of your life that any time it can be ended by anything. You are also gambling your life when you go to your kitchen to cook because any moment your life can be finished by the fire of gas stove or by the electric shock of your bakery oven. These are the proofs that courage belongs to you.  You don’t need to find it outside. You just need to boost it more from inside.

Quote on Courage

Fear is always a blurry thing. When it comes in mind, it creates a haziness. And this haziness and unclarity of fact confuse the mind. It tells the mind that the road is unknown, come back to your home. But, the moment you identify that which things make your vision blurry, you can rectify that.  You become conscious of your fear. This clarity of knowing the fear will help you to overcome that. The cowardice of the mind will turn into the courage.

Love for exploring the unknown increases the Courage. When Neil Armstrong went to the moon, he must have a tremendous fear of failure, fear of losing his life because one didn’t know what was going to happen in space.  In spite of that, he took the journey and step up on the moon with his courage. The thing that triggered his bravery is his passion for exploring the unknown. Love for taking challenges and the thrill of the adventure made him hard enough to do the impossible to possible.

Thus, knowing the fear and love of discovering the unknown are the keys to get courage and vote out the cowardice in the brain.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challange of April 2017 on Letter-C. My theme for this Challange is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.


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Medha Nagur

True that is- more the hunger to explore newer things, more we become courageous and shed our fear. Great write up shine! Loved every bit of it. Yes it has to come from within- exactly my point as you know I have written on the same word- C for courage.

John Holton

My stepfather would say “Courage!” to people when things were going bad for them. He used it as a blessing.

John Holton
A to Z Challenge Co-Host
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