#AtoZChallange: E is For Ecstasy

Ecstasy is the feeling of excitement where you are overwhelmed by the ocean of happiness. If you achieve it by meditation it likes a state of self-transcendence. This is the joy of meditation. But, if you accomplish it by some street-side drug like MDMA it is an experience of great pleasantness. Pleasantness is common between these two ways of experiencing ecstasy. But, the difference is the effect of the second one will be gone as the action of the drug over. The shadow of deep agony will cover you again as it was before. Whereas the first one gives you bliss after experiencing it. This is the reason people feel well and pleased after a successful meditation. It keeps well your mind and soul both.


 But, the drug induced ecstasy is poisoning you, slowly. It cannot liberate you from your suffering. It cannot show you the path of bliss. It’s because it comes from outside.  The things, which come from outside is always momentary. Those don’t have any long-term effect. That’s why those are easy to get in life.

Quote on ecstasy.

Ecstasy is not the thing that comes from outside. It is innate and natural. It is within you. You don’t need to effort to be ecstatic. You cannot find that because you choose misery.  It’s a hard work to stay in misery and it needs great effort to be miserable. It likes that going against the stream of the river. Life is like the river if you flow with it, you can naturally get what you have. You don’t need to take those drugs or the external stimulant to reach that level of joy. Accepting the life as it comes to your way is the secret of flowing with the downstream of life.

When you flow with your life, you feel everything is good and pleasant. Even you will find your mistakes, your grief, your joy everything makes your life beautiful. This is the feeling of bliss. Bliss always helps you to be mindful. The mindfulness leads to ecstasy.

When you will find that ecstasy it will be your addiction. So, the choice is yours whether you achieve it by meditation or by those street-side drugs.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challange of April 2017 on Letter- E . My theme for this Challange is Exploring The Beauty Of Living

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Vasantha Vivek

True words. It really depends on oneself. Thanks for sharing, Sayanti !!!

Karnika Kapoor (@karnikakapoor)

I love how you have written about Ecstasy in two contrasting way! Indeed meditation is a wonderful way to attain peace.
Enjoyed reading your post, Thanks for sharing 🙂
Bast Wishes!