#AtoZChallenge: F is Forgiveness


Forgiving someone, who hurts you deeply, is the hardest challenge of life. But, you can only move forward in life when you can make it possible. Forgiveness is a measure to unload the extra baggage of your mind.  Hate, jealousy, distrust and desire to take revenge make the mind heavy and stressful.  The heavy mind cannot enjoy the natural happiness of spirit. Forgiveness is the best measure to do that.

You can only forgive someone when you want to forgive him or her. Otherwise, you have to be burnt in the rest of the life with the fire of the hate and the desire for revenge. There are some ways to do that.


6 keys to forgive the misdeeds:

    1. Diverting the mind:

After experiencing the tremendous pain of the incident, when you think you have no way to relieve other than forgiving, you need to divert your mind from that. Life is much broader than a particular incident. So, concentrate on your routine activities, like your work in the office and home, your educations, party, club whatsoever activities you did before that incident.

      2. Loving:

Every emotion is the energy. Hate, jealousy, desire for revenge, etc., generate a huge amount of energy, just like the fire. Simply, transfer the energy in loving something or someone. Love your hobby, love your work, and love the people, who are with you even at your toughest times. Just increase the amount of love and love as much as you can. The extra puss of love will be supplied from the vitality of those unwanted emotions

    3. Feeling Light:

When you transform the huge energy of those uncomfortable emotions into serene love, you automatically feel light and you can love yourself.  This propels your mind open to receive the eternal call, “move forward”.

    4. Learning Lessons:

You can only move forward, properly, when you will take morals from the incident that hurts you in the worst. Try to learn from that experience. Did you trust someone blindly? Did you depend on someone mostly? Are you the victim of hypocrisy? Or were you simply the victim of someone’s mistakes?  Ask yourself the questions like that. You must be found the correct answer

     5. Moving forward:

When you will take morals from your experience, you must feel that the lessons are much bigger than the incident or the misdeeds. It helps you to look forward.

     6. Accepting:

When you will see that someone’s misdeeds teach you a great lesson, it will be easy to accept that as a part of life. Accepting the incident or someone’s misdeeds with a great life lesson is forgiving. Then, you can feel that you have really unloaded the extra baggage of your mind.

F is for Forgiveness

Forgiving someone doesn’t intend to stoop downwards.  It is a much higher thing than anything you can get along in your lifetimes. But, forgiving the injustice without fighting back is your weakness. Thus, you have to decide when to fight back and when to forgive.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challenge of April 2017 on Letter- F. My theme for this Challenge is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.


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Lovely post on forgiveness. Forgiveness based on oneness is another angle to being able to accept and move on. I wrote on Freedom today.
Do check it out