#AtoZChallenge : H is For Happiness

True happiness:

The journey of true happiness starts with pain.  Even, a baby has to feel pain in the birth canal to come into the world and enjoy the happiness. It’s not that it is outside and you have to cross the harsh road to find that. It is within you. But, the attachment to the external object makes you dependent on the external factors like persons, money, property, food and so on. You always try to extract pleasure from those by forgetting our inner bliss.

H is for Happiness

Inner happiness is true, independent, and constant. It stays with you, from your childhood to old age. A child itself is full of happiness. So, the external pleasure or unhappiness cannot bother a child. When a child turns to young, he/she starts to get attached to the external objects, finds his/her joy in those. In this way, you forget about your inner joy and loss yourself in the worldly attachment.

You can experience the true bliss only when you accept your pain. It makes a path which goes to the inner self.  the bliss is hidden in your inner self.  If you escape from pain, you will miss the happiness.  Pain comes as blessings. But, you always see it as a curse. Thus, you always try to escape from the pain and find pleasure outside.  Pleasure depends on various external factors. When those factors are changed, it turns into sadness.

Happiness comes from pain:

Happiness comes from pain.

The equation of true happiness is simple. First, you enjoy the pleasure as much as you can, according to your desire. If an obstacle comes, try hard to overcome it. If you cannot, accept it, rather than escaping from it. Obstacles, like grief or pain, are the light to see your inner Self. It breaks your pride that is also called ego, which acts as a shield over our “true Self” and enlightens “Self” by the process of introspection.

Sincere introspection makes you wise.  This wisdom will guide you to discover the boundless happiness.  That’s mean, again, you have to suffer in the pain of the birth canal. Then you could see the light of the world. That is happiness.  This is your rebirth because from now, you will enjoy the worldly pleasure in a new way.  Now, you don’t have to depend on other external materials for your bliss. You are full of bliss. You are complete and independent too. This bliss is so strong that, no worries, no pain, no criticism cannot make a dent to your unbound happiness.

The Sunshine comes in every morning. But, we realize the value of sunshine after a dark and stormy night. Similarly, one can only experience unlimited happiness after suffering in pain deeply.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z challenge of April 2017 on letter H. My theme for this challenge is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.


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Chaotic Soul

That’s a beautiful perspective on happiness which is essential for all to know.

Loved your post and could relate to it…

Ashmita Chatterjee


Brilliant post!

Vidya Sury

True! Unless there are “downs”, we cannot appreciate the “ups” in life! Happiness is a great word for H! Thank you for visiting my blog, Sayanti!


Maniparna Sengupta Majumder

Reminds me of the famous line, “দুঃখ বিনা সুখ লাভ হয় কি মহীতে”…

Beautiful post and the background pictures for each post are perfectly complementing the words… 🙂