#AtoZChallenge: I is For Intimacy

What is intimacy?

Intimacy is such a stage in a relationship where you unmask yourself to the one, whom you love. Unmaking means dropping all the defenses you have put on yourself to hide your good and bad. It’s a complete nudity where you are vulnerable to any attack at any time. It is such closeness where you are free to open yourself to the person whom you trust, most.

Intimacy doesn’t depend on how long you have lived with a person or how many times you have spent together. It depends on how much you trust in yourself and the other to whom you want to be intimate.

It is not easy to unmask oneself and become vulnerable in a relationship. This is why most of the relationships are going with tremendous complicacy. Everyone wants intimacy from another, but afraid to become intimate to another.

Why do one afraid of intimacy?

If you are living simple, natural life, you don’t have the fear of intimacy. It’s because you don’t have to hide something. You are revealing yourself as you are. But, if you use the mask to hide, you’ll feel vulnerable to intimate because you think your mask is your defense. Thus, you try to repress your limitations and inhibit your emotions to open yourself in front of the other. You fear that another person may not accept your nudity.


Suppose, you think you are weak, emotional, and indecisive. But, you show that you are strong and hide your other features by some wrap of tremendous politeness. In this way, you are keeping away yourself from the intimate relationship. If you do the same in all your relationships, you cannot get the juice of bonding of friendship, love and any other relationship. Mask always inhibits the closeness. And you always feel that you are alone in this world in spite of the many relationships in your life. This is why, the film stars, Ministers and most of the celebrities feel alone being staying at the center of attraction.

How to become intimate?

First, love yourself. Accept yourself as you are. You don’t need to become someone or to impress somebody. You are unique and perfect all your imperfections. When you can accept yourself with all your good and bad, you won’t be fear to expose your nakedness to the person you trust. If you do not admit yourself your nudity, how can one take that?

One needs to be clean to expose oneself to another. So, it’s better to clean the impurities within you (if you have) and present the freshness of your soul.

The beauty of intimacy:

You can enjoy the juice of friendship or other relationship when you become unmasked to another. Masking is a complicated thing. You cannot enjoy the joy of freedom and always feel alone. The flavor of closeness makes your living pleasant and easy. Intimacy, at least in one relationship makes your living light, relieves stress and provides you the energy of enjoying your living with all ups and downs.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challange of April 2017 on Letter- I. My theme for this Challange is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.


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