#AtoZChallenge: K is for Knowledge

There is a big difference between the knowledge and knowing. Knowledge is something that consumes the space of your memory whereas knowing is the assimilation of knowledge. Knowing the thing means you are applying your knowledge and insights. Knowing is wisdom that is not borrowed from outside. It comes from inside. Knowing reflects your wisdom and intelligence. Knowledge is what you hear, what you see, what you read, what you eat or what you feel. It is the assembly of experiences that you can understand by your five senses. This assembly stays in your memory as the knowledge. It has no work until you are applying it to develop your wisdom. Intelligent is the one, who can apply his or her knowledge in the present. Thus, knowing something is always the state of the present where you are applying your past to develop your wisdom.


Knowledge is the belief that you have gathered by your sensory organs. For example; Somebody told you that tomato is not a fruit. It is your knowledge. But,  the sense of not applying tomato in the fruit salad is your intelligence that nobody told you before.


It doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have. The thing, which matters most that how much you apply your knowledge to know the present. Hence, knowing reflects the clarity of your thoughts. As much as you execute your knowledge you will be confident about your wisdom and capabilities.  On the other hand, storing knowledge in your memory bank makes you proud as it gratifies your ego.

Knowledge is like the money. Storing it in your bank gives you the feel of proud and applying it in purpose makes you happy.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challenge of April 2017 on Letter- K. My theme for this Challenge is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.

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