#AtoZChallenge: L is For Lust And Love

Lust fades away in the light of love. Lust knows to undress the body. Love knows to explore the mind. Lust hurts when the bodies are separated. Love never hurts in spite of the separation. It stays in the hearts of the lovers forever and its light always enlightens the path of life.

We often get confused between love and lust when we fall in love. Simply, you cannot differentiate it at the very beginning of a relationship. The attraction for the person whom you love is common for lust and love. When you love somebody, you wish to be close to him or her. This closeness is not only physical but emotional also. You want to share your joy, pain, gain, loss and thoughts to the person to whom you want to be intimate. In the same way, you adore his or her physical presence in your body. Hence, love and lust walk together at the preliminary stage of any love relationship. [That completely a different matter, of discussion if one wants only physical pleasure from his or her partner from the beginning of the relationship.]

Quote on lust and love
Lust and Love.

When the phase of attraction is over, both start to expose their crude features in the relationship. Their demands, desires, mask, possession, jealousy, hypocrisy, and so forth, whichever they have come very close to his or her partner. Now, the question of acceptance comes. If there is love, both will accept each other’s good and bad, happily. [Notice it, I used the word acceptance, not the tolerance.]. If the acceptance comes from both sides, they feel the feelings of harmony in the relationship. They, both enjoy the relationship with love and sex. Lust disappears in the very presence of love.

L is for Lust

But, it is a rare thing to happen. Ordinary love is nothing but lust where one dominates another, treat his or her partner as a possession, looking for a better partner to fill his or her demands more and lose all the interest of the association as the time goes on.

The thing what mostly separates love from the lust is ego. Where there is love, there is no place for ego. When ego disappears, love lit up the relationship. When lust transforms into love, it knows to undress one’s mind and go deep within it.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challenge of April 2017 on Letter- L. My theme for this Challenge is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.


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Well articulated post. Lust can never replace love even though it may precede the beginnings of deep love. Lust sizzles and fades.

Rudra Das
Rudra Das

Lovely article…. Really appreciable

Karnika Kapoor (@karnikakapoor)

Really interesting post! Aptly written
thanks for sharing!