#AtoZChallenge: N is For Narcissist

Superficially, a narcissist and the one who has self-love look almost the same. But, the basic difference between them is that a narcissist does whatever that gratifies his or her ego whereas a one who has self-love does things for their inner piece. People with self-love, know themselves and aware of their limitations or imperfections. Their love based on all over acceptance where they accept themselves with all their imperfections. Thus, they don’t try to hide their flaws by creating a false wall that is called ego. They are free to flow themselves as they are and ready to accept others as they are.

The narcissist one always needs an ego to wrap the things within him or her that he or she never wants to face. They fear to face themselves as they cannot take the imperfections within them. Thus, they need the praises and admirations from outside that satisfy their ego. Their ego is something that they exhibit outside to get those false admirations. It helps them to escape from their own flaws. Even, they so dare to run away from those flaws that they blame others for their wrong doings. They embellish their strengths with some positive appearance  (pretending something that they are no actually)  to get false importance from others.


These all helps them to nourish their ego, but not to bring the inner contentment. They are basically empty and alone from inside. They exist because of the people,  who nourish their ego by saying the words they like. In this way, they build a fantasy world around themselves and scare to get out from that zone. If the illusory world breaks, they just lose their existence as it is all about their ego.

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When the ego dissolves the thing left is the love for Self. Now, this love is pure and it is self-love that knows to live with all good and bad. The narcissist one can be the scan be the one who has elf-love when their ego dissolves and find their true Self.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challenge of April 2017 on Letter- N. My theme for this Challenge is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.

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QP and Eye

I’m sure we all have a narcissist in our lives. They are emotionally draining so a little goes a long way. I enjoyed your comparison of narcissism and self-love there is a big difference. 🙂 Linda

Gayatri Gadre

Sometimes in an attempt of not being labeled a Narcissist, we let go of self love, only to regret it later. Thanks for highlighting the thin line between these two
Name : Gayatri Gadre
Blog : Be young 4ever
#AtoZChallenge Theme : Travel (off the beaten track)

Karnika Kapoor (@karnikakapoor)

Very interesting post on narcissist disorder! Wonderfully written and aptly analysed.
Thanks for sharing. 🙂
Best Wishes!

Pikakshi Manchanda

I liked the way you differentiated on multiple fronts between self love and narcissism. Though I must say, that in many situations this line becomes blurry. But it is important for us to know that the line exists and for self-progress, we should try to be on the positive side rather than navigating to the negative extreme. Thanks for sharing!!

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