#AtoZChallenge: O is For Obsession

The obsession is like a hypnotism. It just hacks your brain and completely diverts all your thoughts to the matter, which is not that important. Now, your whole energy and attention will be focused on that particular subject. You will be compelled to reckon your life is nothing without the things that makes you obsessed with it.

We all have more or fewer obsessions. It is fine if it stays at the level of preference. Suppose, you have an obsession with certain types of food like fish. You cannot eat without fish. Hence, everywhere, you go, you are looking for fish. This is a kind of preference. But, when you put your all energy in search of that and leave all your work for that, it will cross all the limit of preference. Then, you’ll feel a serious obsession with the fish that hacks your thoughts to see beyond the fish. In this way, an obsession engulfs all your thought process and stays at your focal point.

Passion Vs Obsession:

People often confused between passion and obsession. Both are burning as both have a tremendous energetic force. But, there is a big difference between passion and obsession.

Obsession Vs passion.


The passion is constructive. It is a love for something that you want to cherish and explore.  Hence it demands creativity. You cannot enter totally into a subject if you don’t have creativity. It is also the tremendous attachment with the subject that you want to explore. But, that attachment helps you to know yourself. The passion comes from deep inside of your heart. As much as you go deep within your passion, you feel you are close to your true Self. Thus, passion makes you enrich with wisdom and brings clarity into your vision.


The obsession is different as it compels you to burn all your energy to a particular thing that closes your vision to see beyond that.  It comes from need but not from love. So, it’s a force that wants to use the thing rather than to explore it with creativity.  Suppose, somebody is obsessed with sex. He wants that at any cost. He may do something else, but he is continuously thinking about sex. He may go anywhere and any person with whom he can have sex.

But, when a man is passionate about sex, he is very creative to explore it more intensely and give the pleasure to his partner. Even, his partner will also feel his energy of making love in a beautiful and satisfying way.


The obsession always brings stress in life and leads to psychiatric disorder. The Passion opens your heart and relieves your stress. It makes your living more joyful.

Feel free to share your experience and views about your passion or obsession. I’m really interested to know that.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challenge of April 2017 on Letter- O. My theme for this Challenge is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.



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