A to Z Challenge 2018: Theme Reveal

April is on the way and this is the time for the biggest blogging Challenge- A to Z Challenge April 2018. It is a type of challenge where the participants have to write one blog post on each day of April according to the alphabetic letter A to Z, except the Sunday, based on a particular theme. The Challenge is organized by Blogging from A to Z Challenge and The Blog chatter. This is the second time, I’m participating in this #AtoZchallenge. And I feel the same excitement as I experienced earlier. It’s really a challenging matter to complete the challenge by following its rules. The same thing I thought before participating in the past A to Z Challenge-2017. But, I completed it successfully in spite of the different kind of issues in my the real life. It boosts my confidence up and I’m so much excited about the challenge.

Theme Reveal:

I think the theme is very important to continue the challenge in a proper way. When the reader will link your post to your theme, he or she will enjoy it more. Hence, I always prefer to choose a theme to organize my 26 blog posts for the challenge.

Last year (2017), I wrote on the motivation and Self-help. I tried to portray the beauty of living and the theme was,

Exploring the beauty of Living.

theme reveal
#AtoZChallenge: Theme Reveal

This year, I want to write on a totally different matter. From the last year,  I found a new passion in me. The passion for traveling. I always love to travel. But, it was not done much after the birth of my son. Now, he is 5 years old and enough big to tolerate the hassles and bassles of travel. It helps us to make some short and big trip throughout the past three years. 

Exploring is my hobby and I always love to explore. Hence, I prefer to choose offbeat or less known destinations for travel. Another reason for choosing such places is I don’t like the crowd of tourists. Sometimes, this crowd kills the natural beauty of the place. But, it was not always possible to travel the less known places due to the demand of the travel mates.

In this challenge, I want to explore the less known places in India.  I think it will help the traveler like me, who always love to travel to the offbeat destinations. So, my theme for this #AtoZChallenge 2018 is,


 One thing I also want to mention to avoid the controversy about the word “Offbeat” is that all the locations, I’ll discuss in my future posts will not completely offbeat. Some, locations in South India are well known for the tourists of that part as they often make weekend trips to the nearby places. And the same thing is applied to the people of North and North-East India. So the place, which is offbeat to the people of South India, may be known the place for the people of North-East India and vice-versa. So, ignore the controversy and enjoy the place with words and images.


Keep your eyes on my #AtoZ challenge to know the various offbeat places of India to plan for your next trip. I promise I’ll try to make you a feel of a virtual journey with my words and images. So, please, stay updated by subscribing your Email at my Newsletter.



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What a great theme you’ve chosen. Hope you enjoy the challenge.

Purba Chakraborty (@Manchali_Purba)

It will be great reading about some beautiful destinations in India as I am also passionate about travelling.
All the best. Looking forward to your posts 🙂



Wonderful sayanti! Looking forward to reading them👍


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Shalini R

I’m definitely going to drop by your blog this April. I love traveling and being in the Fauj, we get to see places that are truly offbeat. All the best for the challenge, Sayanti 🙂
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Will definitely drop by. Looking forward to read up offbeat destinations. Best wishes for the theme.

Here’s my theme

Miss Andi

This is a great topic, I’ve never been to India so thank you for taking me there!

Shilpa Garg

Love your theme, Sayanti and I am looking forward to travel with you to some amazing offbeat destinations in India this April. Cheers 🙂

Pooja Jagtiaani

I love the theme you have chosen! Looking forward


[…] My theme for this Challenge is The OFFBEAT DESTINATIONS OF INDIA. […]


[…] My theme for this Challenge is The OFFBEAT DESTINATIONS OF INDIA. […]


[…] My theme for this Challenge is The OFFBEAT DESTINATIONS OF INDIA. […]


[…] My theme for this Challenge is The OFFBEAT DESTINATIONS OF INDIA. […]