#AtoZChallenge: Y is For Youthfulness

Youthfulness is the life force, which you cannot be determined by ages. An 80 years old man can be youthful if he still finds the life is exciting as it was in his youth. It is a quality that people have in their youth. The youth, when the world looks like very colorful and charming, when the eyes are full of the dreams, the heart is full of love, when the mind knows to explore the single things of life and does not fear to take a risk for any enjoyment, is always exciting. It knows to enjoy the present as much as possible never bores one in life.

When such qualities of youth one still enjoy at any age of life (after crossing youth), he or she must be youthful at that age. Hence, youthfulness is not measured by the ages. You can enjoy this youthfulness even at the age of 60 if you still look the world with wonder and if you still don’t get tired from learning.

The habit of learning is the secret of youthfulness. Keep this habit as long as you live. You’ll be youthful and evergreen throughout the life.

Quote on youthfulness.

People are trying to remain young and fear to lose the youth. But, no anti aging cream can stop the ages. It is growing as the rule of life. The fear of losing youth stops them from accepting the ages with joy. Thus, they miss both, the happiness of youth and the peace of old age.  If you want to enjoy both with the times, keep learning. Age is only a number if you hold your youth in your mind.

Don’t waste your old age in the nostalgia of youth. Involve yourself in the new activities; learn new things, modern technologies or the thing that you ever wanted to learn at your young age.  Age cannot be the constraint for anything if you alive with your youthfulness.

This post is the part of Blogging From A to Z Challenge of April 2017 on Letter- Y. My theme for this Challenge is Exploring The Beauty Of Living.


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Geraint Isitt
Geraint Isitt

I do not mind growing older, in fact I see it as a blessing. But I do not believe that I will ever stop being young at heart.


I agree, completely. Age is all in the mind. Some people never grow old because their attitude towards life is youthful.

Jyotirmoy Sarkar

Very nicely written, specially loved the finishing lines.

Capt Jill

I agree, keep the mind young (keep learning) and life will be better. As for the body, it helps to keep it moving, but I think it’ll eventually make life too hard to keep going. No matter how young your mind. Sad.
I wonder about the sci-fi stories where they can make you a cyborg. I think we are actually getting close. Wondering who would really want to live forever? Even with a healthy mind and body?


I agree with this quote. It’s truly about how one lives and not the number of years they have stayed here. There are still loads of stuff that I see through my inner child’s eyes.