Captivating Coorg: #AtoZchallenge

The lush green wilderness, dotted with coffee “pubs”, misty hills, breathtaking waterfalls and the enthralling landscapes of Coorg are enough to captivate anyone. Coorg is a serene, little town of Southern Karnataka and cradled in the Western Ghats. It is also known as the “Scotland of India”. When a place is named such, does it need any other narrations? If you are a nature lover and want appreciate the miraculous creation of nature, then it is the ideal place for your travel.


How to go?

Coorg is very close to Banglore (260 KM only) and Mysore is the nearest Railway station. I visited Coorg during my Hyderabad Day’s. Banglore is an overnight journey from Hyderabad. It was a family tour. A few years back in a Summer, We, the two families with our two super naughty kids planned to visit a nearby hill station to escape from the tremendous heat of Hyderabad. After a long discussion and reading a lot of Trip Advisor reviews, we fixed Coorg as our Summer destination. We boarded a train from Secundrabad and reached Banglore on the next day morning.There are plenty of KSTDC buses (Volvo) available from Banglore to Coorg. You can also go by your own vehicle or hire a car from Banglore for Self-drive ( Zomato). Bike trip for Coorg is the best way to explore its hidden beauty.

Where to Stay?

Many beautiful homestays are available at Coorg. Either you can choose a tranquil stay in the middle of the Coffe plantations or you can also stay the heart of the town from where bus or cab facility is quite available.

What to see in Coorg?

Coorg is the paradise of the photographers. Though I didn’t start it at the time of my visit. But, its stunning beauty and the captivating landscapes worked as the matchstick to ignite my passion for photography and I started it after coming back from Coorg.

We booked a cab for sightseeing. There were so many places to see in this town. But, we had only one day to visit. I always suggest at least 2 days stay to explore it more intensely.  Our homestay owner arranged the cab for sightseeing.

Dubare Elephant Camp:

In the early morning, we visited Dubare Elephant Camp. It is a river island of the river Cauvery. In the early morning, you can see elephant bathing in the river. That was an amazing experience.   In the time of Monsoon, the tourists need to go the island by boat. As we go in the summer, the water level of the river dropped down. Hence, we crossed the river by walk. The river was narrow, but the current was high. We had to step on the rocks in the middle of the river. I can’t explain it in words how adventurous was that walk. In your every step, there is a chance of falling in the river. Many people fell down in the river and stand up again with the wet cloths. Thank God that we didn’t fall.  We saw the bathing of the Elephants and their naughty activities. The landscapes of the surrounding place were also very beautiful.

The road on the river that we crossed by walk.
Bathing of the Elephant
The elephants

Golden Temple:

After breakfast, we visited it. The temple is inside the Namdroling monastery. Many Buddhist monks and child monks were working there, The architecture of the temple was fantastic.  No words to say about the peacefulness and the calmness of the temple surroundings.

Golden Temple

Rajiv Gandhi National Park :

Our next visit was Rajiv Gandhi National Park or Nagarhole National Park. The greenery, the shapes of the tree, the art painted on the tree were just amazing. Here we have to walk a long way to see the river in the middle of the forest. There was a hanging bridge in the forest to cross the river. We saw many beautiful tree house in the forest. I think those were actually the watchtowers from where people can see the animals. We didn’t see any wild animal except the deer as we visited in the middle of the day.  The river is very beautiful. People were taking bath in the river.

Rajiv Gandhi National Park. Image

Tala Cauvery:

This is the highest place of Coorg. We felt really cold here. The fog was moving around the area and the layers of fog were so thick that it had hidden the natural beauty Western ghat hills. It is the birthplace of the river Cauvery and the water comes up to a pond from 2 km underground like a well. A Tala Cauvery temple was situated there. Beside the temple, we found a way to climb up on the top. We started to climb up and crossed 300 stairs to reach the top of the Coorg. The fog veiled all over the hill. But, for a moment, the fog disappeared, and we saw the heaven on the earth. The mesmerizing panoramic beauty around the hills touched my heart and soul in a moment. The tiredness and hunger after climbing the stairs were all gone in a moment. People who were busy in talking to each other missed it badly.

Tala Cauvery. Image

After watching this mindblowing beauty, we didn’t have any desire to visit more places. We came back to our homestay after doing some shopping from the spice market.

Tips for Shopping:

  • Coorg is famous for spices. I bought so many spices (Garam masala) from here. The quality and the flavors are awesome.
  • It is also popular for coffee Plantations. So, if you are a fond of Coffe, must buy it from a renowned shop. You can also bring Coffee Pods.
  • You can get original Ayurvedic medicines and oils in the local shops of Coorg.


Coorge is a popular location for the people of Banglore.  But it is an offbeat destination for the people of other states. So, it’s better to visit it from Banglore as the buses and cabs facility are very good from this city.

This post is written in response to the Letter C for the  #AtoZchallenge of 2018 organized by Blogging from A to Z Challenge(2018) and #BlogchatterA2Z challenge organized by The Blogchatter

My theme for this Challenge is The OFFBEAT DESTINATIONS OF INDIA.




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Chaotic Soul

My parents were here for their Honeymoon and the pictures were breath taking. This is goign to be the next on my travel plans.

One small advice: your main blog page has the social media share button all over the page that makes it difficult to drop the comment.
Ashmita Chatterjee aka @chaoticsoulzzz


Had visited Coorg a few years back. I fell in love with the beautiful place <3 !

Pooja Priyamvada

It’s on my wishlist for so long staying in a quaint little cottage among tea gardens have done it briefly in Palampur, Himachal.
Here from Second thoughts First


Loved visiting this place and this brings fond memories! This is a tough theme for A-Z. Good going 🙂

Pooja Jagtiaani

Brings back fond memories! I was there on my first anniversary. Coorg is my topic for the letter C too!


I have been to coorg in monsoons, and the beauty is really breathtaking