Close to River

When you do things from your heart, you feel a river is moving in you, a joy.”- Rumi

When I see a river, I feel that I see the image of my liveliness. The river is very much connected to animation. It flows with its own rhythm.  It comes out from the mountain and then travels a long path through different places and meets the ocean, finally. The sole purpose of its travel is to meet the ocean.  When it travels through the lands, all the creatures and natures are benefitted by its water. The river is free flowing and it is flowing for a great purpose, that is; to meet the ocean. Therefore, its flow in everywhere is so purposeful.

When you will move ahead for a great purpose, your every path will be purposeful.  You may get struck by obstacles like rocks or mountain, which you cannot move, but later you will see, those actually guided you to fulfil your purpose. Your flow of life may be slow when your mind is loaded with the social waste like anger, fear, disgust, jealousy, and so forth similar emotions.  Then your travel becomes so painful. Pain always distracts us from external affairs. It helps to narrow your flow towards the sea, which rests inside you. It leads you to find the path of your soul purpose. Ultimately, it will guide you to reach in the ocean where your all emotions transcend.  It is the world of immense wisdom. Knowing our true Self is the sole purpose of our lives.  We are blessed with this body to know the ultimate truth of life. For that reason, when we do things from our heart, we feel the river is moving within us.

 Last month, I got an opportunity for multiple small trips. During those trips, I visited three rivers The Ganges, The Godavari and The Cauvery of India. I have clicked some snaps of those by my untrained hands. I just clipped those photos to express my feelings with those rivers.



The River Godavari has found its way through the gaps of Eastern Ghat hill range. Pictures are taken in Papikundulu, near Rajmundry, Andhra pradesh, India.



The Ganges, largest river of Asia, carrying urban waste while it is passing through the city, Kolkata in India. Photos are taken from Dakshineswar near kolkata in India.

IMG_8365 (3)


bhd6 (3)
Shadows in Cauvery


Photos  of the river cauvery are taken at Coorg near Banglore, India.

Thank you.


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Good to know that there was once a man/woman named Rumi, who felt so about feeling inside the heart. It makes me feel how there is a legacy to the thinking and how I am shaped. I wonder how much more I have to accomplish and I have no idea how I will be doing that. Every single day I muse, work and define myself towards that one goal of – building a better please, to share learnings of life and spread harmony. Yet it is interesting to see how I have never encountered any quotes of Rumi/Kafka on my… Read more »


I am envious of you Sayanti!

Vandana Mathur

Beautiful and thought provoking. I liked your comparison of river with our life. It’s so true that in pursuit of our goal we face many obstacles which shape our life just as river’s path.


Stunning photos and I love your words. A beautiful post Shine 🙂

Kim Richardson

What a beautiful post! The photos are lovely and your words bring the river to life even more.


Beautiful blog. And there’s no doubt as to why I was drawn to this post. ☺ Thanks.

Vandana Mathur

Hi Sayanti! I had shared a link of this post in Niki’s Meet and Greet. The link is


I love Rumi quotes. Everything beautiful that there is in this world, he has, somehow, quoted in his words. 🙂

And nice metaphorical writing about river. rivers and rains also stir something inside me, a playfulness that is childlike and innocent. I felt the same looking at these pictures.
Nice post Sayantani. 🙂


Thank you!