Close to Sunset

And come I may, but go I must, and, if men ask you why,
You may put the blame on the stars and the sun and the white road and the sky.” – Wander Thirst, Gerald Gould.

Every time, when I see a sunset, I remember these two lines. I feel that the bidding of the sun always tells me that “Come I may, But Go I must”.  But, can you imagine that ‘going’ or ‘ending’ can also be so beautiful. It’s like that during the sunset; nature pours all its colors from its palette to the canvas of sky.  Thus, the ending of the day is so alluring.

sunset kly

The setting of Sun spreads all the colors of the rainbow except the green. That’s the reason sunset is looking good behind the green trees.

I always love sunset more than the sunrise.  Sunset indicates the beginning of the evening. It’s the time to return home and take a rest.  It’s the time when all your business is over. All the noises, all the actions, and all the crowd become overt. The calmness and silence stay with you. It’s the time for yourself and looking back all your activities throughout the day. This is the time of realization.

sunset4 (2)

Sunset also comes into our lives. But, only a few of us can able to watch  its color and beauty. We are frightened to think about the darkness of evening. The red sky of setting the sun appears like the fire to us. And we want to escape from it. But, there is no place for escapist. Ultimately, we are lost within the darkness of evening.


When things are going wrong, when we cannot manipulate the situations comes into our lives, all our external activities become diminished. We want to escape from the present situation because all we know is our job, our roles or positions in the society are the only identities of ours. So, when things are going  awry, we feel the crisis of identity. We think we are going to lose everything we have. We fear about the darkness, which is coming to cover us.

sunset6 (2)
Beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies“- Paulo Coelho

The darkness or the period grieves or sadness that distract us from the external affair.  That helps to draw all our attention on ourselves. The calmness of it helps to explore our real identity that is our true Self. Our business, which are our activities of day times, are not our identity. Realizing “who I am” is our sole identity.

The darkness helps to reach you to your Self. The Sunset in life just indicates, it’s your time for realizing yourself. So, don’t be afraid about the red sky of setting Sun that leads the darkness.  Accept it in life and use the time of the evening for the realization of your deeds and misdeeds throughout the life. Only then, life will begin in a new way with the sunrise the next day.


[P.S: Photos I captured from my neighborhood except the last one (credit: PradeepSiva). I’m still at a learning stage.]

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You take good shots for being “still at a learning stage”. 🙂

Jackie Jain

Wow Sayanti.. This is a beautiful post on sunsets.. I like that quote, “Come I may, But I go must”. You have very well explained the colors of sunset and the rainbow except the green color.

And very true, we all fear darkness. We fear to come out of comfort zone. We are clung to things which make us happy.

Very nice post.. And the wow, the images you have taken are awesome.. Very beautiful..

Have a Good time.. 🙂


It was your name that attracted me 🙂

Jackie Jain

Hello.. Thank you so much Jacqueline madam.. 🙂

Have a good time . 🙂


It’s a pleasure connecting with you Jackie Sir 😉

Jackie Jain

Please don’t address me sir. My pleasure too. . Happy International Yoga day. . 🙂


Lovely photos and lovely words.


A lovely, intimate way of looking at the sky in ourselves. Thank you for sharing. So beautiful!


I love sunsets and the words you expressed here makes it quite profound. Great post. We shouldn’t be afraid of the darkness for it’s in such times that we actually discover who we are.


Beautiful photos and profound words.

Vandana Mathur

Beautiful photos Sayanti, and one more profound post. I like your way of comparing human emotions with nature. Thank you 🙂


the pics, the metaphors, the philosophical interpretation -i loved everything about this post. I love observing nature, so I have a bias towards such posts. I may skip the last post except when it is about nature.. and i loved reading this… keep observing like this 🙂


Nice … loved the quote by Paulo Coelho – Beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies … Somehow reminded me of the English proverb – A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.