Courage and Cowardice

The most common fact between a coward and a courageous person is fear. But, the difference between a coward and the brave is that the brave moves ahead against the fear and the coward follows the fear. Hence, fear is the only the factor between them. If there is no fear in their minds, they become fearless.

Now the question is what the cause of this fear. It’s very important to recognize the fear accept it. This recognition differs the attitude of the courageous one from the cowardice one. One, who is courageous, can accept his or her inner cowardice as the fear has always been there in our mind. When one becomes aware of his or her fear, he or she can find the way to get rid the fear. If (s)he cannot do that when the situation comes, (s)he can accept that as (s)he was prepared for that. This attitude helps one to fight against the situation or flow with the stream of life’s event.

If I give you a real example, you can understand it well.  Once, my cousin sister went against her parents’ decision and left her parents to marry a man of a lower caste (according to her parents’ thoughts) and low economic status.  When she did that she was afraid of that she may not adjust in a different kind of culture or society of her in-law’s house and cannot maintain her lifestyle in a very low budget family.  In that case, she could not return to her parents. In spite of that fear, she took the step to marry the guy and stay with his family. It was possible for her as she recognized her fear and had a confidence on herself that if she fails, she can manage it by her own effort. Even, she did that later.

Fear-has-its-use-but-cowardice-has-none (2)

So, the recognition of fear and the confidence of fighting against the situation, which (s)he fears, is the borderline between cowardice and courage. There has always been a cowardice in the mind of a courageous person and (s)he knows that well. Thus, the courageous can cross the borderline.

But, the coward cannot do that because (s)he is not conscious of his or her fear. He or she knows that (s)he has a fear but cannot recognize that as (s)he cannot accept it. The coward always pretends that (s)he has no fear and shows that (s)he has enough courage to win the fear.  This attitude stops him or her to accept the fear. One cannot win the fear until he or she cannot accept it and recognize it. One cannot get over the thing, which he or she rejects. Acceptance helps us to move forward. But, rejection restricts our movements.

Insecurities and  fears are always playing around in the ground of our mind. Hence, we all have certain kind of cowardice in our mind. But, the step makes us courageous is accepting and identifying the fear. Yes, I afraid of losing my job, I afraid of losing my family and yes, I scared to death. This is the recognition. Courage exists in our mind because of our fear. Courage is given in our mind to conquer the fear.  We just need to accept the fear to realize our courage.  So, don’t quit like a coward. Take a step forward to move against your fear with your confidence.

In response to WP daily prompt- Cowardice

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Well expressed and very right too.


Enjoyed this post! Fear can hold us back in so many ways but going through them makes us feel powerful. x

Suyog Chhatre

Well said !

Peaceful Journey

You are correct, it is necessary to identify fear. If one does not, then he or she will no need to rid oneself of fear. It takes bravery to move forth and move from a posture of fear.

True George

Yes this is one aspect of being a coward. Cowards cannot be trusted and are unreliable. I like that metaphor of the girl taking a chance on love let’s dismiss cowards and focus on the brave….


An enlightening way to think about fear. I find in my new life that fear can hold me back in certain situations until I identify and deal with it. Good post!


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