Destiny is Like the Fruits of Your Garden Tree.

It’s spring now. Your garden is enriched with ripe fruits and beautiful flowers.  You can pluck the flowers easily from the plant, but how could you harvest the ripe fruits from the big trees of your garden? You should find some measures to pull those from the tall trees. Otherwise, you cannot use those fruits of your garden for your purposes. Either those will be decomposed by falling down along the ground or used up by the birds and insects or stolen by someone.

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Destiny is like the fruits of your garden. You have to try to achieve those which are written in your destiny. Exactly like the climbing up on the tree or seeing about other steps to cull the fruits from your garden tree. Your efforts depend on how badly you want those in your liveliness.  Paulo Sir said it as the conspiracy of Universe [“when you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”]

Suppose, you went to an astrologer and he predicted more or less good things about your future. You felt very good about that and kept your eyes on your future when those things will happen in your life, without getting any substantial endeavor. And when the time arrives, you realize you cannot attain those good things. Then, you start to curse the astrologer for his prediction.

But, I’m sorry to say that it is your wrong notion of life. The astrologer predicts your future by analyzing and counting on the planetary positions of your natal chart. His predictions are the fruits of your garden tree. You cannot get those if you don’t take enough substantial efforts.

So, if you know your predicted future, ask yourself, do you really want that or not.  If yes, try hard for that. If no, wait for the time when the ripe fruit will hang down on your hand. The same thing will be applied to the bad things of predicted fate.  If you don’t genuinely want that will happen in your animation, work on that. The Universe must be conspiring with your will power. By the way, sometimes stormy winds help in falling of fruits from the trees. The storm is always unanticipated and unwanted too because it also wastes the immature fruits of the tree. In those instances, you induce to take measures after the tempest.

The fruits or the destiny is nothing but your good deeds in life. It may be your past life (who believe in reincarnation) or your good deeds of your present life.  The fruits depend on how much you put your labor for taking care of the tree that is your effort of performing well throughout the animation. So, only your good deeds and true endeavor can help you to harvest the sweet and ripe fruits of your garden tree.

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Beautiful post. Very descriptive and evocative.


I was about to take a power nap, after reading this my eyes are wide open and focused on my garden tree now.
Jai ho 🙏
Shri Shri Sayanti ji 😊


I literally mean it.

Peaceful Journey

Destiny and fruits are interrelated. We should strive to sow good fruit.


Thank you. Really liked this post and your philosophy on life. Looking forward to following you.