Epitome of Ignorance

I started writing from my school life. I wrote short stories and poems for the local monthly magazines and the school magazines. Not only that, but I also maintained my personal journal to pen my experiences from everyday life. In sometimes, I was so engrossed in my writing that my parents scolded me a lot. They told me, “What will you achieve in life by these silly works. Concentrate on your study. You possess to beat the highest scores in this examination.”  That time, I thought, they might be right because If I ignore my study, I cannot build a promising career. Then, I closed my diary and began my routine study.  This was not for me only.  At our time, that is the period of the late nineties, in India, it was very common attitudes of parents to their children. They assumed life means career and career are built by the education.

Now, when I think about those days of life and the scolding of parents, I feel bad for those. Those attitudes of them are the epitome of ignorance. Their visions for life were limited within the cage of promising careers.  Building a bright career is not a goal of life. It is the part of life.



Even, the recent days, people always keep asking me, “Have you earned money from blogging or writing?”  When I say no to them, they ask another silly question, “Then, why are you wasting your time with this? Time is valuable. Do something by which you can earn extra money.” I don’t answer them because this question is the epitome of ignorance. The artists do their job, not for only money. They behave that for their own happiness and they recognize that their creativities develop them to a greater extent. The creativity fills the emptiness of heart as the passion for creativity comes from the heart.  They realize that the happiness they obtain from their art, cannot find it in living without the art. So, to the creative persons,  such questions, about their creativities, seem like the  epitome of ignorance.

This post is the part of WP-Daily Prompt Challenge- Epitome.


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Amitav Chowdhury

This is a wonderful article with a brilliant message.

Babu Appat

Good article. It will be, I think, good if you learn the subject “Vedanta” an ancient Indian philosophy a bit.


Yes. totally agree. you’re also right about the views of parents about things other than studies. i know a many promising talent giving up on their dreams, on their talents, to join the neverending queues for becoming engineer and doctors..


Wonderful write. Keep following your dream and enjoy your writing.

Zarnain Shah

Very true! Parents need to stop forcing their kids to do something they don’t like and should allow them to follow their dreams. I’m a medical student in Pakistan (because it was my passion) but a lot of my friends talk about how they were forced to work hard for the MCAT and get admission in Med school. And now they don’t enjoy it anymore and study just to pass the exam.
So instead of regretting in future, it’s better to follow your heart. Keep writing! 🙂


Again a gem Sayanti, completely in accordance with what you said.