The Real Heroes

A father is the second most important person in a child’s life. A mother gives life to a child, then nurtures and holds up her, whereas a father constructs the piller for all of these. His role in a child’s life is more than about paying the bills. His leadership, his support, his guidance and his tolerance make the roof of the house, where the whole family lives in peace. The roof protects the family from rain, storm and an intense ray of a sunbeam.

A father prepares the child to face the world

The moment a man becomes a father, his life changes and he starts to think about his child’s future. He starts to save money by sacrificing his own wants. He works even harder for the extra income to provide the required comfort to his family.  Not only this, he prepares the child for the world.  His inspirations and his courage motivate the youngster to face the challenges of the world. His unending works and support continue until his son or daughter becomes independent to his or her life.

A father supports his child by playing a different role at different times in his child’s life. As a friend, he always lifts up his son or daughter when he or she falls in life and guides them by sharing his life story and insights. He gets defensive when he sees injustice to his son or daughter and fight for them as a warrior. A father becomes the best financial advisor of his son or daughter when they fail to manage their finances.

He always acts in silence. It’s true that he doesn’t have to  tolerate the pain of holding a child in the womb or giving birth to a child. But, he is the most sincere caretaker of his child’s mother from the first day of knowing his child’s existence in the mother’s uterus. He is the bedrock of the family. His dedication and sacrifice to bring up a child are not less than about a mother’s role in child’s life. But, the best thing a father can do for his child is to love and respect her mother.


The mothers are very close to the children. A child laughs when she looks smile on her mother’s face. A child cries when she finds tears in her mother’s eye. Child psychology is more closely related to her mother than to her father. It’s because women are very close to children. They can easily feel and interpret the emotions and needs of the children. Thus, a child can very easily relate to her mother.

When a child see her father is loving and respecting her mother, he becomes the hero to her. She learns to respect him and love him. The child’s mind is like a blank canvas. Hence, the children take what they experience in their surroundings.  A loving and caring father always becomes the ideal of the child. Maybe a child cannot express that. But, when she grows up as an adult, (s) he can understand how his or her dad acts as a captain of the ship of his/her journey. (S)He can realize how much (s)he has learned from his or her father.

A supportive father and a loving mother are the foundations of a true human being of the future generation. This cooperation makes the parenting efficient for the child’s development. As a backbone of a family, a father can lead this and the small fry grows up under the shade of his or her Dad’s supports.  Then, the father turns to the real hero to his child. That is the highest satisfaction of a fatherhood.

A Father is the real hero

The father’s duties as a responsible dad is unending and continues throughout the years. In spite of that, on this special day, I wish to salute to all the fathers for their endless sacrifices and dedications to raise a child. Happy Father’s Day to all the present, past and would be Dad.


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Happy Fathers’s Day 🙂

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ha! to fathers 🙂 I adore my man to bits .. 😉


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