Feeling Empty Inside

We can express our sadness by shedding our tears. We can articulate our happiness in our smiling faces. But, sometimes an odd feeling comes into our mind that we cannot express in any way. It just kills us like a slow poison. It extracts our life- energy, smiles, even tears and leaves us as the living carcasses. This is the emptiness of mind or feeling empty inside.

Feeling empty inside.

It’s a so bad feeling that you cannot identify its real cause. As you are unable to identify its cause, you cannot treat it.  You just have to look for someone who will fill your emptiness with his or her happiness. This is the worst thing of this odd feeling.

Feeling empty inside is not an unnatural thing. Everyone come across it in his or her lifetime. So, it’s better to accept this feeling than to avoid it by making you busy with other stuff. It’s because you cannot pour your full energy into any work if you feel empty inside.

When you accept it, you will never go to find its reasons. Because now you have already experienced that it is a meaningless effort. Like the computer, our brain also gets hanged due to cooperative multitasking. Sometimes, our brain is so much occupied with thoughts and worries that the memories and experiences even fail to induce our emotions. That’s why we feel empty inside.

I read a quote once that is “I have a simple philosophy — Fill what’s empty.  Empty what’s full.  Scratch where it itches.” by Alice Roosevelt Longworth.  I like this quote and believe we should fill the empty space with the good stuff. So, fill your empty heart with your inborn happiness. What needs to borrow it from someone when you already have it? Just find its source and fill your empty mind with this priceless treasure.

Think deeply what makes you happy most or what you love to do. Do that work. If it is a creative work, it definitely brings happiness within you. I love to write.  When I feel an emptiness in my mind  I try to write something. Yes, something. Not necessary, it will be my next blog post or anything from my work. I just put down the discrete things come into my mind.  After that, I try to connect those or to use those in my any blog post.  It’s my own way. It varies person to person.

What I want to say that we have to feel the emptiness with our boundless resource of happiness and love. Creativity is one that induces that resource.  Hence, I said to do some creative work or the work which you love most. Don’t go outside to fill this empty place because outside’s pleasures cannot fill the inside’s emptiness.  So, fill this emptiness with your love and happiness.

This post is written in response to the WP-Daily prompt– Empty

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Some great advice. Thanks.

A sad u r

One is never as unhappy as one thinks,
nor as happy as one had hoped to be.

A sad u r

To seek your link I have to read your post

A sad u r

I am lazy!You write here

A sad u r

I am lazy!You write here


Brilliant post.