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You would be happy forever if you don’t know the unhappiness. The birds are happy, children are happy because they don’t know the unhappiness.  But, when one experiences the unhappiness ever, he starts to run after happiness. We do that because happiness is our natural phenomenon and unhappiness is unnatural to us. That’s why; when stress or whatever cases of unhappiness comes into our judgment, we immediately try to loose that and go back to our original nature that is “happy you” or “happy me”. So, we don’t need to run after happiness. It belongs to us all. Our originality is our happiness.

Merely, the sad thing is most of us are not expressing our genuine nature. We love to shield our originality by creating  several types of mask. We are getting  bound by the social formalities, the pressure of “should or shouldn’t” and so-called mannerism systems and wear the masks according to the demands.  And so, slowly, we are becoming blurred between our masks and our genuine nature. As the days  go on, we forget our nature and believe in the activities of masks. Simply, the mask has no happiness as it is unreal. That’s why; we are searching happiness.

When one sets about to believe in musk rather than himself or herself, he or she turns the slave of his or her own masquerade. Slavery is always stressful because the labor of slave would never be acknowledged or awarded. Moreover, changing the masks according to the requirements makes us tired and distressed. So, we have to run after happiness.

People often define their happiness by some of their activities, like spending time with families or friends or some special ones, doing creative activities, walking alone, playing and so along.  They are pronouncing that because they relish the moments of these activities, very much as those give them comfort and relieve their stress, temporarily.  Does it mean happiness comes from outside?

No, happiness is your real nature. It is innate. The activity, which you do from your heart, is the reflection of your genuine nature.  You are feeling happy because your true nature and your activity, both are aligned in a single cable.

You are feeling happy because you are not using any of your masks, which is unreal and tiring for you. You can feel this happiness in your every activity if you do that from your heart.  So, follow your heart and whichever you do, do from your heart and whatever you say, say from your heart, unhappiness cannot get you down again.

Social manners, “should and shouldn’t” and the formalities all are created to make the society healthy.  These are not created to pressure someone. Hence, don’t take it as your burden. Think about this carefully. If your hearts says to do that then execute, if it says don’t, then don’t practice that. Going against the rule wouldn’t take you to hell. But, going against your heart can make your life hell.

So take off your mask! Express yourself, your real nature. Don’t  be forced or dictated by others. You are given one life to live. So, live the life in your own term. You can only enjoy the happiness only when your action and your wish that comes from your heart, meet at the same spot.

Lining up your activity with the articulation of your substance is your true nature, which is perpetually happy. Happiness stays behind your masks. Discovering the real you behind the masks mean discovering happiness. Once, you discover that you will be happy forever.

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Inspirational! Great way to start off the week.

Jackie Jain

Wow Sayanti. . What an inspirational post on happiness. . Truly loved it. I hope your trip to Kolkata was refreshing and amazing.

Very true we all mask ourselves with other things and social issues so we never find the real happiness wearing these masks. Happiness is nowhere related to outside atmosphere. It comes from within. We have to realize it and feel that happiness inside when we feel sad or disappointed.

Very true child know the true happiness, same as we did as children. Lovely post. Welcome back. Have a good time. 🙂


What a beautiful picture!


Very true, thanks. We are hard-wired for happiness and depression is a cultural imposition.

Little Purple Box

Reblogged this on Little Purple Box and commented:
Here is wonderfully written piece on finding our Happiness. Witch has helped me see where my path has gotten of course. We ware so many different mask in our lives. It is easy to lose yourself in them.


you made my day beautiful!great post!


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