Hope- The Ultimate Light of Life


“The miserable have no other medicine, but only hope.”– By William Shakespeare.

As long as our heart beats, hope stays with us. So, we don’t need to find hope to others. Hope stays with us. We just forget it in the time of crisis or misery. 

In the sleepless night, again and again we check the time or look at the window to find the ray of sun. We are waiting for the dawn.  That is called hope. Maybe, the night is long; dawn must come over every night. So, the light of hope is always illuminating within us. We just have to protect it.

What we need Hope or Expectation?

We often confused between hope and expectation. But, these two are different things.

Hope:  Hope is a thought which comes from the faith in ourselves that something positive will be happening.

Expectation:  It is a thought for something or desire that we want from others.

So, the basic difference between hope and expectation is hope connects you to yourself, whereas expectation is related to the outer world. That’s why hope depends upon giving only and expectation counts giving and taking.

Buddha said that “misery comes from our expectations.  So, we should live without expectation.”  But living without expectation means we have to renounce all social attachments. That is quite impossible for us as because we live in a particular society and have some social duties which connect us to others. So, the accounts of giving and taking automatically come in our mind. For the same reason, misery comes due to our incomplete expectations.

But if, we keep our hope up, we can handle our misery. like, in a busy road, you cannot control other cars. You can only control yours.  So, you have to do some adjustment to move on in a harsh road of life, like controlling the car by changing the gear and pressing the clutch. In the same way, we have to make small adjustments to life by minimizing our expectation and maximizing our hope.

Dawn comes only after the darkest night

Less expectations and high hope make our life easier to move on. If, we have less expectation from others, the amount of misery becomes less.  In that miserable condition, we should keep our hope high. Without hope we couldn’t move on. Since, hope is the petrol of your car of life which you drive to reach your dream. But, the dilemma is that misery always dominates the hope and we become hopeless.

Why we become hopeless?

  • When life becomes miserable we forget to keep hope and find consolation from others by describing our miserable condition again and again. Our subconscious mind hears and that makes us feel more firmly that we are really in a miserable condition. We think we can’t overcome that. So, the words of consolation cannot console us.
  • When people discourage us for something we want to do. Like, you want to be an actor. But people tell you that “you can’t do that, your looks is not so good, height is also short, even you have no back up in this industry. Don’t waste your time here and find some other job.” After hearing that, you might be depressed and then, you will start to believe those negative words and become hopeless.
  • When our attempts are failing to reach the particular destination. We become frustrated and being hopeless
  • When we cannot set our dream and become motionless. If one’s has no dream, how could he/she be hopeful for something? That time, expectation from life takes the place of hope.

How to be Hopeful:

  • When misery comes in life, don’t encourage it to dominate you, by telling others repeatedly about your miserable conditions. It’s part of life. Dawn comes over every winter-night. It’s true that sharing your misery to others you may feel lighter. But you can’t overcome your misery unless one helps you find your hope. So keep patience and be hopeful.Hope-2-570x379
  • So, keep quiet. Stop thinking about your pain. Try to hear your inner voice. It always says “it will happen or situation will be changed.” This is hope. As you could hear that you start to find out the right way to come out from that condition or to move on in life with this condition.  Nature helps those who try to accept it as it is.
  • Try to avoid the persons who are discouraging you in your misery. If not possible, just ignore their words. Think about yourself deeply. Find out your strong and weak points. Work out on those, very sincerely. Your works or attempts, make you more hopeful than previous.
  • Keep trying to reach your destination or your dream. When your attempt fails, don’t be upset. Find out the reasons behind that and correct it in your next attempt. If that fails, try in other ways.  If that also fails, ask yourself, whether you exactly want to do that or you are just doing it to fulfil some other’s expectations. You can only fulfil some others expectation when your dream truly combines with that. Give some time to yourself and do some research to know yourself better than others. The connection between you and yourself makes you hopeful.
  • Set your dream. When you start to chase your dream, your misery will fail to dominate you and your willpower. Keep in mind, your dream is the core of your hope. So, don’t forget your dream and keep alive your hope as long as you breathe.
  • Find your passion and keep following it. It will save your dream and develop yourself to move on with pain, misery and other worldly delusions.


Hope comes from faith. So, keep faith in yourself.  It makes you confident. Don’t expect much from others. Most of the time, it gives you pain. Misery comes and goes. Nothing is permanent, but hope. Be hopeful for everything. Hope and confidence makes the impossible, possible.

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