How I Transform My Anger into Joy


One of the wild emotions of our life is anger.  As it is wild, it can destruct anything and anyone in a moment. If you try to suppress this wild feeling, it will kill you. If you go to throw it to another, it will break one’s heart.  The problem is when you recognize this emotion in your mind, neither can you hold it nor can you throw it. What will you do with this untamed emotion of your mind?

Me and My Anger:

My issue was the short temper. From my childhood, my family knows me as an angry young girl (yes it’s girl). I was getting angry with the small issues in my life because I was very impatient.  But, now I don’t want to go with those issues because sometimes those were very ridiculous.  A good thing, about the short tempered people, is that they don’t keep their anger inside, for a long time. They do some activities that their anger gets released. When I was getting angry, I just threw the stuff near my hands on the floor. But, one funny thing about me is that I was very careful about throwing the stuff.  I threw only the non-breakable items like pillows, papers, chairs and doors (couldn’t throw it, just shut it with full force).  These activities helped me to cool down. But, I’m not saying it’s the way to be calm in anger.

Transformation of my anger into Joy:

People always told me to control my anger; otherwise it will destroy everything of mine. Yes, I have tried almost every measure from counting number to  clenching jaw and fist.  But, those are very much unhealthy for the health and mind both.  It’s like that you want to vomit, but someone is prohibiting you to vomit and you are trying to hold your vomiting by your full energy. Controlling or supressing the anger is a very bad thing. It can harm you, more than that the anger can.

Every emotion is energy. Anger and hate are the most powerful emotions among all. For that reason, these two can destruct anything and anyone.  But, if this huge energy is applied in a creative work, it will be transformed into the delight of creativity. By this way, one can release his or her anger without hurting someone.




The process of Transformation:

There are many processes to transform the anger into the compassion or joy.  But, to do that, one has to accept his or her anger. When I could not get over the anger or escape from my anger, I just accept it at own nature.

I admitted  that I’m a short tempered . That helps me to recognize my anger when I’m getting angry.  This is one of the troubles with the angry people that they cannot realize their anger at the pickaxe of the moment. They can understand it when everything is over. In between the huge energy ruins its target. Thus, recognizing the anger is a very important step.

When I am could admit it, I am able to apply it. I saw my anger comes from the expectations. When I anticipate something from my near and dear ones and that doesn’t fulfil that expectation level, I become angry. Then,  I tried to curb my expectations. It was tough. But, day by day practicing this habit helped me to diminish the degree of expectation near to zero.  It was the great step to manage my short temper.

Now, the problem is one can control his own car, but cannot control other’s car on the road. Sometimes, people’s behaviours or actions reaches such a high extent that it gets very hard to protect one’s temperament from that heat.  When the temper reaches to its boiling point, it wants to get blasted out.  Blasting this anger into the harsh words is not a solution. Sometimes, it can be the cause of regret in the hereafter. Thus, at this stage, I attempted to apply this energy to pursue my passion. It helped me tremendously. Whenever I realized this boiling point of my anger, I set out to write something rather than throwing harsh words.  I realized that energy boosts my thoughts and the words fall down along my paper like the rain fall and produce something constructive.  I found the joy of creativity.

But, that doesn’t mean I  tolerate any insult or injustice. Whensoever’s the question of injustice comes in my way, I never move to transform my anger. In fact, I use it to create the rebellion against that unfairness.


It’s true that once I was an angry young girl. But, now, I cannot find that wild emotion in my mind.  It comes  only when I see any injustice at anywhere and by anyone. It denotes that I am able to domesticate the savage nature of my emotions.  Standing on that point, I just want to suggest you something on this issue.

  • Don’t try to control your anger. Just transform it into your joy.
  • Minimize your expectations first.
  • Accept your anger as your part.
  • Recognize it at the moment of heat.
  • Find your passion, if you not find it yet and follow it. Use the energy of your anger into your passion. It must produce a newfangled thing that makes you joyful.
  • If your passion is doing something that you cannot pursue in a public place like dancing, singing, perform any other energetic activity like walking. But, must do some actions. If anything is not possible, then simply cry in silence. Your tears will release your anger.

Don’t forget to share any new measure on this transformation.

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Nice one sister👍😊


Well written. Turn it to joy.

Babu Appat

The first step of course as you said is understanding the anger. Analyse and find out the nature and the ways in which the anger is expressed. Then think back what was the trigger factor. What sound, sight or feeling triggered the episode of anger. How was it manifested. Then what and how was it cooled down to normalcy. If you are serious on bringing in a positive change and getting the best of your personality, please record your observations in the above-mentioned factors. After writing it down, you read it when you are comparatively in placid moods. Take a… Read more »


Very thought provoking. Thank you.


Words of Wisdom 😃


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Not expecting much in the first place really helps. And i liked the approach of transforming the anger, suppressing would only harm in the end.


This is progressive writing …very pensive


Love this post, really resonates!
I hope you don’t mind but I have nominated you for the ‘three day quote challenge’ and hope you will join in for fun😊 You post a quote a day for three days, saying what it means to you and nominate three other blogs each day. You can see the rules on my blog