Identity Crisis is The Turning Point of Life

We always fear about the crisis and want to escape from it. But, a period of crisis can be the turning point of life if we embrace it and understand it, properly. We tolerate the crisis until it is tolerable. But, when it becomes intolerable, either we choose to terminate this life or to fight back. People, who choose the second option, can realize the significance of crisis in life. It is a dangerous as well as an important component of life.

When the crisis reaches the ultimate point where the doubt of our own identity arises, crisis starts to establish the proper way of spirit.  We always look outside and believe everything exists in outside. This belief resists us to look inside our heart. This belief distracts us from our true self. This belief produces a mistaken identity that is called Ego. And we begin to trust our outer identity that is our social positions and professions.

But, these are not our real identity. Suppose, if a doctor loses his memory by some accident, tell me, what will be his identity in the society after that incident?  Suppose, a writer loses his eyesight and cannot read or write again, what will be his identity, then? Suppose, if a husband leaves his wife and denies the relationship, what will be the identity of that wife?  Does that mean they bear no identity? Thus, these identities are very fragile and not permanent.  Those are built on our certain occupations and social status, which are non-permanent and assured.  

Identity crisis

We believe that positions and professions as our identity and slowly, it becomes our ego. When the ultimate level of crisis arises, it hits directly to that ego. Then, we confront the identity crisis. This is the most horrific crisis. It’s because everything in our life is grounded on our ego that we consider as our genuine individuality. When it dissolves, everything, related to it, has been ruined, completely.  Sometimes this identity crisis leads one to commit suicide. But, those, who don’t do that, can embrace it and utilize it to discover his real identity.

The ego exists as a shield of our true Self. When the ego fades away, the light of true Self enlightens the darkness of ignorance. This light reveals the true identity of someone. This identity is eternal and indestructible by anything. Thus, the crisis of identity can guide us to discover our real identity if we accept it try to understand it.

The crisis of identity is immensely important in life to discover our real identity. We just need to accept it and use that period of crisis as the time for introspection. The proper introspection can guide one to find the treasure of the true essence of life. Then the identity crisis becomes the turning point of life.


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Sayanti you have very well put forth the importance of introspection to emerge on the positive side, at the time of a crisis.

Amitav Chowdhury

Some important points you have highlighted here and yes, I like the message that from any crisis we can emerge stronger and better. We need to face the stormy phase to find peace again.


Awesome….I think I’m facing a crisis right now!