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Love can win everything. We are seeking love in pursuit of happiness. Without love even a billionaire cannot be happy, personally.  Love is the core of happiness. Happiness comes from your love. When a thing gives you happiness, you must love the thing.  In the same way, the thing, you love, can make you happy.


Happiness is inherent in human and it’s not dependent upon the external causes. You can find a nice proof of innate  When you try to find happiness outside, grief comes as an interest on your loan of happiness.  Happiness is like a bubble. When you see it, it makes you happy. But, when you want to grip it, it will blast. So, if you want to find boundless and everlasting happiness, you have to love yourself first. To love yourself,  you have to know yourself first. You as much as you reveal the mystery of yourself, you will fall in love with yourself.  Happiness starts from here.

Love & Happiness:

Love means acceptance. Acceptance means, seeing your capabilities and limitations as your part of life and acknowledging those as beautiful.  This is a love for yourself and your happiness is you are beautiful.  This is your inner joy. Now you are full of love.

If love becomes Infectious:

What will happen if you transmit your love to others? Everyone will be infected by love. That means happiness will be everywhere. Can you imagine the world, which is full of happiness?  We cannot imagine that. Are the reasons,  we always try to confine our love within us and try to extract love from others.  We only want to demand, we only want to extract happiness from others. We think that we will stand in our position with our minimum amount of love and someone will come to give us some love and happiness.  If everyone thinks so, who will transmit the love. So, be the one of the infectious organism and infect others by your love.

How to inoculate love:

 It is very simple.  A beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus Sp. produce curd. A curd is the source of Lactobacillus sp.  To make curd we inoculate Lactobacillus sp. by adding curd in pre-boiled milk.  After a certain time, milk becomes curd. Just like that when you are full of love and happiness, inoculate your love to another person, then the person will be infected by love and the love will help him to find the happiness. This is the magic of love.

  • Love yourself and become the inoculum of love.
  • Then try it with your close ones like your lover, your best friend, your parents and siblings, your sons/daughters rather than extracting love from them. One should move forward first.
  • Accept their Capabilities, needs, limitations as yours, by your love. Love will play a magic.
  • Don’t need to go far, just do it with your closed ones. When they will be filled with love they infect others. In this way, love will be transmitted to everyone. Beautiful relationships will be flourished everywhere. People find happiness within themselves.


 If love becomes infectious, it brings happiness.  Negative emotions like Grief, miseries jealousy, anger, anxiety, terror etc . , are felt because we see these as anti-happiness and we try to find happiness outside, which is like the bubble. These negative emotions dominate our life so powerfully that they act as antidotes of love. That is the reason why  we always try to extract love from others. But, we all are in the same conditions of less love.  So, the only alternative of happiness is looking at you.  Know yourself. Love yourself. Accept yourself. If you accept yourself as you are, you will not be disturbed by rejections, failure, loss types of grief, because you will feel that you are complete.  You are full of love. Then, no antidote can work on yourself. Nothing can stop you to love yourself. If you love yourself, you can infect other by your love.  In this way, love can be infectious.  If love becomes infectious, happiness will be everywhere.

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Jackie Jain

Wow Sayanti. . Such a beautiful post and the way you explained Love and Happiness is amazing. It’s very true. loved this line, ‘as much as you reveal the mystery of yourself, you will fall in love with yourself. Happiness starts from here.’ And also that getting infected with love idea is awesome. Well supported by Conclusion. And I know that information on ‘Colors and their relation with life’ is pending from my side. Will send you this weekend. Have a great weekend. Thanks. 🙂


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