Infinite within the Finite

Last week, I got an opportunity to drink the beauty of pure nature with forest, river, sky and Sun. It was awesome. Nature is very close to heart.  The heart knows to make a bond with the beautiful nature. When the bond is formed, their communication is visible. The unspoken words of nature are expressed in the spoken words of the heart. “Infinite within the finite” are the kind of unspoken words of nature. Nature always says the eternal truth. It is also said that nature is the best teacher of the world. So, the lesson, we have learned from nature, is also applied in our lives because nature always says the eternal truth.

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Beauty is everywhere in nature. But the ultimate beauty is found when infinite expresses itself within the finite. The sky is infinite, boundless, limitless and beyond our perception. The trees are finite things. We can perceive it.  When you see the infinite blue sky within the finite green leaves of the trees, you can find the ultimate beauty of nature. It is the ultimate beauty because the leaves are green and the sky is blue. You cannot find this beauty if the sky is black or red. On the other hand, it also cannot be found if the leaves are red or black.

There must be a reason behind that.  The colors, green and blue, are very significant colors.  Blue is the color, which is beyond our perception. Sky and oceans are blue. It is also a celestial color. In Christianity, it signifies heaven. In Hinduism, the color of the skin of Hindu Gods Vishnu and Shiva is blue. So, anything beyond our perception, beyond the limits, beyond the count is blue.

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Green is the color of the leaves of the trees that symbolize forest, garden, which is measurable and within our perception.

So, the combination of green and blue signifies finite and infinite, limit and limitless, perception and beyond perception.  The body has a limit. But, the true knowledge or wisdom has no limit. Knowledge doesn’t mean the education. Knowledge is beyond our normal education. Knowledge means knowing your true Self, that is; knowing the universe.

This universe is not outside of you. Look inside of yourself; everything that you want, you already are.”- Rumi

IMG_20160325_122218_1 (2)The actual beauty is the combination of body and vast wisdom. Beauty doesn’t mean the good looks and without the body knowledge has no existence. So, body and knowledge are the complementary to each other. When this combination is found in one, one becomes the symbol of ultimate beauty. Nature communicates the definition of actual beauty by the combination of the bounded green leaves and boundless blue sky. In the same way, the beauty of life is revealed when the infinite wisdom is expressed within the finite living. There is a beautiful song of Rabindra Nath Tagore that explains the enchanting beauty of life and nature also.

“O boundless, within bounds, you play your own tunes –

Hence, your light within me is so mellow.

In so many colors, fragrances, songs and metres

O formless, the play of your forms manifests within.

Hence, your beauty within me is so enchanting.

When you and I meet, everything opens up,

And the waves of the oceans of the world surge and dance.

There is no shadow in your light which finds its form in me,

It becomes beautiful and bewildered with my tears,

Hence, your beauty within me is so enchanting.”

[Translated by Shailesh Parekh]

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Nature is beauty and definitely an enchanting place to be. Enjoyed your post.


Very beautiful pictures! It truly is peaceful.


Yeah nature is beautiful.Has a sign of god in everything right?


So what does a microbiologist exactly do?


Ha ha no i just asked whether the job of a microbiologist is simply looking things under a microscope?i am not good at biology 🙂


Hey sayanti,
The real reason i started writing blogs was because of a suggestion of my best friend.I actually had put this under About me.But when i changed the theme settings changed and now when you said then only i noticed.

Janice Wald

Hi Shine,
Your beautiful photography does give the impression of “infinite” and matched what you wrote about the infinite sky and the boundless waves.
I met you at Lucky Otter’s Meet and Greet. That was nice of you to reblog her party. I also have blog parties on my site. Maybe you’ll check out my site if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about.


Wonderful writing! Greatly enjoyed reading it and felt very close to nature which to me is home. Thank you so much!