Melt like an Ice

Water is the sign of liveliness. We are living when all our emotions are in an active state. But, we always try to be formal and freeze our emotions with the coldness of our ego or our image or pride. Just for an example of the saying boys cannot cry. Many boys are there in these societies, who try to suppress their tears because of that precept. Whereas we all know that tears are the sign of our aliveness, since our birth. Crying means our emotions are still alive.
Quote on Crying

Do you ever allow yourself to laugh out loud when you truly feel joy in your heart?  We used to write “LOL” in virtual talking. But, do we really allow that to ourselves? Before laughing, we start an alert from our subconscious mind, “hey, what the hell you are doing, people may think bad about you.” Then, we become conscious of holding our emotions. That doesn’t imply that we should convey our emotions at anywhere. But, we should find a space for ourselves where we can flow the water of our emotions and become free like the water of the river. Otherwise, we will be frozen by the coldness of our emotions.

Quote on water

If you think you are frozen, melt yourself with the warmth of love. When love comes into our life, all our emotions start to flow in their own way. We call when we cause hurt, we laugh in a touch of joy, we burst out of anger, we feel empathy for other’s pain, and so many feelings come as the undulations in the ocean of love.  In this way, love brings aliveness in our animation. Fall in love with yourself by accepting all your imperfections. The love for yourself makes you alive just like the water. All your imperfection will flow with the stream of that water.

This post is written in response to the WP Daily Prompt-Water

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Thought provoking again, very well presented Sayanti.


Wonderful response to the prompt. Lovely. xo


Just lovely!


Beautiful post 😊