Moonlight Musing

The darkness can be brighter than the daylight when the moonlight of the full moon pours its nectar in your heart.  Yesterday was the full moon day. The glowing of the moon is so serene that musing automatically comes from experiencing the peach of the moonlight. So, I tried to capture the moon at my lens to share those musings.

IMG_9268 (3)
Full moon on the sky

I don’t want to be the sun. I want to be your moon to pour my light in your darkest phase of life.

IMG_9262 (2)
Close view of Full moon

When I see the moon I feel I’m very close to you as we are under the same moonlight. Perhaps this is the cause why I love darkness.

IMG_9241 (3)
Moon behind the leaves

Please put out the lamp and open the window of your room. The nectar of moonlight will shine on your darkest chamber.

The lamp in the room is like the ego or the “I”-ness or the image which we create outside to veil our originality or true Self. When the ego is dissolved, the light of wisdom comes within us to dissipate the darkness of ignorance.

IMG_9244 (4) - Copy
Caster leaves on moon

Shine so brightly that no one can make a shadow on you, even in your darkest hours of life.

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Amitav Chowdhury

Beautiful pics. Moon, especially Full Moon always has a magical feel.


Nice pic sister😊👍


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