Motherhood doesn’t only mean carrying a child for 10 months in the womb and giving birth to a child. It’s a responsibility and a commitment for at least  18 to 20 years. Only a mother knows her dedication and sacrifices towards her children. Mother is like a shelter. She gives shadow to her child on a sunny day like a big tree. She shows light in the darkest night to her child. She protects her child in the stormy night giving a shade.  She gives warmth to her child by burning in the fire. A child hardly realizes her dedications and sleepless efforts to bring up him or her.
So, bringing up is more difficult than giving birth to a child. Giving birth is only 10 months curriculum, but bringing up is for 18 years program.

People are spending a huge amount of money as the parents  They think delivering a child from the womb is motherhood or parenthood. But, they don’t understand the happiness of motherhood is not only giving birth to a child. The real happiness and satisfaction of motherhood come when a mother makes a true human being from an innocent child. A child cannot remember his or her days in the womb. He or she only remember her the warmth of the mother’s lap that means the shelter, love and company and comfort, which (s)he receives only from his or her mother. It is irrelevant to the biological child or adopted child.

Motherhood is accepting the child as (s)he is. (S)he may be challenged, maybe less intelligent, may not be her preferable gender or may not be her biological offspring.  The child can grow naturally when his or her mother accepts him or her with his/her limitations.

So, don’t be worried if you cannot bear a child in your uterus.  Any woman, who has the proper biological system to deliver a child, can give birth. But, everyone cannot be a Mother. A mother is not one who gives birth a child, but she is one who brings up her child and performs her duties and nurtures with full of affection by accepting the child as (s)he is.


Wishing Happy Mother’s Day to all who are bringing up their children and who have done it already with full of devotion, commitment and sacrifice.

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What a lovely heart warming post. Happy Mothers Day to you.


Wonderful post Sayanti! Happy Mothers day, stay blessed


Nice post, thanks for sharing👍😊happy mother’s day


Such a perfect perspective. Beautiful post. Thanks. ❤️


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Beparvah !!

Lovely… It brought tears in my eyes..
Salute to motherhood..
Happy mother’s day 🙂 🙂

Beparvah !!

I would like to thank you for realizing me the worth of motivation and after nominating few members, I feel the real joy of being a reason for their happiness
.. It’s all because of you.. Thank you:)
Thank you so much… 🙂
Pls tc


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Found this on a blog called Close to You on WordPress. It’s it such a nice read about mothers!


This was a wonderful post!


lovely post -I felt a genuine warmth in my heart reading this..

In fact it is a lifelong responsibility from raising the child, getting him educated, married, then grandchildren, kids will be always kids for mothers, they are so affectionate. Nice post 🙂


Mother is like a shelter….and that shelter gives you the courage to face the world. Thanks Sayanti.


Made me smile. Warmed my heart. THANK You


Great post