Causes of Nightmare

Concealing the true nature and repressing the fear inside the mind are the causes of continuous nightmare.  Day long, we try to repress our emotions, attitudes, and thoughts to present differently to the different person. But, at night, when we fall asleep, the repressors within us also fall asleep. Then, the repressed things are coming out on the surface of mind in various ways and create the nightmare.

It’s better to recognize the hidden fear and-and try to overcome that unless it will come again and again in your sleep. If you accept yourself as you are, you don’t need to conceal your true nature. The nightmare is a sign that indicates something is going wrong inside you. So, don’t ignore continuous nightmare. Try to analyze it by the help of any psychologist or the online dream analysis website. It helps you to know yourself better and to revise your activity in a safer direction.

WP Daily Prompt- Nightmare

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