Liebster Award

Today, I got a nomination for Liebster Award. I would like to thank Ioana of Music Teacher Lifestyle to nominate me for this award. The Liebster Award is a newcomer award given by bloggers to bloggers to encourage the new bloggers.


I’m honored to accept the nomination for this Award. The simple rules for accepting the nomination are as follows.

– Thank your nominator.

– Share the award on your blog.

– Answer the 10 questions asked to you.

– Ask 10 questions to 10 new nominees (who have less than 300 followers).

– Notify them

I’ve selected 10 new questions to answer:

  1. If you had the awesome opportunity to live anywhere else than where you are now, where would you want to live and why? 

-I would prefer any utopia that the world gifts me.

  1. What kind of music do you like to listen to – your favourite singer/composer? 

– Any kind of music that touches my heart. My favourite singer/composer is Enrique Iglesias and John Denver.

  1. What’s your favourite activity on a weekend? 

– I like to spend my weekend with my family and friends.

  1. If you could give only one wise advice to a 15 year-old, what would it be? 

– Find your passion and choose a career based on your passion.

  1. Who is your best friend and what are his/her biggest qualities? 

– Avik, my school days friend. His best quality is he lifts me whenever I fall.

  1. What is your must-have while blogging? Glass of wine? Snackage? Helpful cats sitting on your keyboard? Music? All of the above? 

-None of the above. I Just need a peaceful environment.

  1. Do you always blog in the same physical location? 

-Physical location doesn’t matter to me much. I just need the right environment.

  1. What is your most creative time of day/night for blogging? 

-Day time.

  1. Are you active on any other social media platforms? 

Yes. Facebook, Google+, Tweeter, Pinterest, Instagram.

  1. What is your all-time favourite post and why?Don’t Heal: See Yourself through your wound

These are my nominations. I invite you to answer the same questions I did.

  1. Spiritualjourney17
  2. Deborah drezon Carroll, author
  3. Just Turn left
  5. Ann Cavit Fisher
  6. A Life Less Ordinary
  7. Self Reflection
  8. Etheric Archives
  9. deepakdheer
  10. Gains Before Grain

Have a great day.

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Andy Smart

Thanks for that. Really appreciated > Awesome and have an amazing week 🙂

Advanced Research Technology

I’m happy for you. Congrats!

A Life Less Ordinary

Congrats on your award and thank you so much for the nomination! That’s started my week off well 🙂

Etheric Archives

Thank you so much! You’re so sweet. 😀