Pain: The Purifying Fire

Fire purifies the gold by burning its impurities from the ore.  Gold is gold. Impurities hampered its quality, only. Thus, it needs to pass through the fire to become pure.  Just like the gold, our purity is eternal. But, our ego that is related to our social image, status, pride, creates impurity within us. Thus, we need to burn those impurities to explore the pure gold within us. And Pain comes like the fire to make us pure by burning our mental impurities. Then we can realize our true entity. So, pain ignites us  to make us pure, not to turn us into ash by its flame. This process of burning from the pain will be continued, as long as the ego persists within us, as long as we cannot discover the happiness within our true self.  When we discover this real happiness, we will never suffer from the pain though the pain is inevitable. Hence, the pain is the purifying fire.

Pain is the purifying fire.

We have a tendency to escape from the pain. But, one who escapes from the pain, misses the happiness. Happiness and wisdom, both come from the pain. Pain is no longer pain because it transforms into joy when we use its fire to sanctify us.  Just like the mother, who feels so much joy of bringing forth her child after suffering in huge pain of this process.  

A candle can illuminate the darkness, only when it is ignited. Just like the candle, the wisdom of an ignited mind can light up the darkness of ignorance. The incense sticks cannot spread its fragrance until it gets burnt.  We cannot pass around our love and compassion towards other until we get burnt like the incense sticks.

It’s easy to blame either others or our fate for our own agony.  But, it’s not easy to embrace the pain to discover our true self. One, who can does that can see the transformation of gold ore to the pure gold.  So, accept the pain and let it fulfils its purpose. This purifying fire will refine you into the pure gold by burning your entire impurities.

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So well written for the prompt Shine.

Suyog Chhatre



With a lot of wisdom in it, a well written post. Good to see how you link your old posts in it.


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