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The great storyteller, Roald dahl said, “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it“. Everything depends on belief. If you believe in magic, magic or miracle will happen with you. The children are very smart to believe anything without storming their brain on the matter which they have seen. Hence, they easily believe in fairy tales and the imaginative stories.  For that reason, they find wonder in the mundane things which we ignore,usually. When they see those usually “unseen” things in nature or the surrounding,their eyes wide with the wonder of watching the magic. This week, Daily post of WordPress-Weekly Photo Challenge has kept the theme based on those “Magic“. Here is my entry for this week’s Photo challenge.

Dewdrops on the leaf
Dewdrops on the leaf.

It’s amazing how the drops of dew stay distinctly on a thin leaf of Arum. We know that the Arum leaves have a special mechanism to hold the water drops on its surface. It’s because it has a coating of wax on the cuticle of the leaf that holds the water drops. The children don’t know that. They find magic when they see the leaf holds the dewdrop and the dewdrop reflects the image of the surroundings.

Reflection of the boat and its surroundings in a steel coated object.

This is a simple still coated, small, iron architecture of the Shikara boat of  Alleppey in India. It was placed at the front of the boat. So that it can  display the total reflection of the boat and the surrounding lake. It was really wonderful to see the reflection of nature in such mundane thing.

Butterfly sucking nectar from the flower.

Magic is everywhere in nature. We just need to find it. In my childhood, I heard that the fairies paint the wings of the butterfly. I thought the fairies must know some magic so that they can paint such beautiful colors on the butterfly’s wings. But, it’s not fairy’s magic. It’s nature’s magic. And that’s why nature is so beautiful.

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