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I, generally, used my own photography and quotes in my all posts. When I use other’s picture in my post, I always mention the link from where I have found the photo. Though, there are some special posts, which are totally based on Photography and quotes of the legend people. You can find those by clicking the Link on the respective topic.


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  2. WP-Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

  3. WP-Weekly Photo Challenge: It Is Easy Being Green

  4. WP-Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

  5. WP-Weekly Photo Challenge- Relax

  6. WP- Weekly Photo Challenge- Magic

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  15. Macro Moments: Week 10

  16. Macro Moments: Week 12

  17. Macro Moments Challenge: Week 15

  18. Reflection in the Mirror.

  19. Colors of Childhood.

  20. Playing with Light.

  21. Rare Event: Moon Changing Color.

  22. A Photo a Week Challenge: Cut by a River.

  23. Curves in Nature.

  24. Fun: The Purposeless Moments.

  25. WPC: A New Start

  26. WPC-Where the Path is Narrow

  27. DC: The Things We leave behind

  28. Refraction Inside the Raindrop

  29. Rhapsody in the Rain

  30. Midnight Moon

  31. Musing with Mountain


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  6. Sunset Poem.

Please visit the page A to Z challenge to see more quotes and photography. I wrote all the posts of that challenge by my own photography and quotes.



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