Positive Thinking is nothing but Accepting the Life

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I’m thankful to all of those who said No to me. It’s because of them, I’m doing it myself.”- Albert Einstein.

These are the ultimate words of Acceptance.  Everything, whatever happened in my life is the best in all. When one could think like that way, he or she can move forward in life.

But, we always get stuck on the question, “Why me” or “Why do the bad things happen to me” and compare our life with others without considering other’s situations and struggles. This thought comes to our mind from frustrations and negative thinking. The day when you will stop asking the question to your life, life will start to give you the answer to your every question. The best way to move forward  is loving your life, whatever the life is. Positive thinking begins from here.  Positivity in life, happiness, courage all are hidden in the love of your life.

You cannot control the things, which are going on. Right? Can you stop the rain? Can you reduce the heat of bright sunlight in summer? No, we cannot do that. But we can use an umbrella in rain or we can cover ourselves with a cloth to protect our skin from bright sunlight. So, we can only try to protect us from the disaster or any unbearable conditions or we can learn the lessons from it. But we cannot control other people’s thinking and attitudes. There is a nice quote of Joseph Goldstein, “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

Thinking positive is the way to protect us from the external effects of life like other’s behaviors, unwanted situations or our limitations. There was a Bollywood movie, named “Three idiots”.  One of the dialogues of that movie was very famous at that time. That was, “All is well”. Everything which happened in our life, everything which will happen  in our future is for our well being.

You might think that as much as it’s easy to say, it is tough to perform or to follow.  But that’s not like that. When you love someone truly, you can accept his or her all good and bad qualities. Like this way love the life. Learn about the dark parts of the life. The lessons from the dark parts will help you to enjoy the light of the life. Light and dark both sheds are needed to experience a complete life.

Accepting dark and light sheds  as the part of life is called positivity. Now, whatever you think is positive. Your views towards the life become positive. A trust will be developed within you that whatever you had experienced in your life was good for you and whatever you will face in future, will develop you or you can accept that by your positive outlook. So, positive thinking is nothing but accepting the life as it comes to your way. In vice versa, acceptance is the only way to experience positivity in everywhere in life.

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It is nice to step back in every moment and not perceive it as good or bad, but what it brought to the table and what it meant. We have brought these moments to ourselves. They come to take us to the next level. Now all we have to do is step up.

Jay Colby

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I absolutely believe this. I’ve been fighting cancer for a year and a half — and I am a happy person. You can choose to take life, understand that there will be ups and downs, and go at it with positivity, or you can make yourself miserable. I loved the quote about waves and learning to surf. Great post!

Deborah Drezon Carroll

Thinking positively is never a bad choice. It may not change an outcome but you’ll feel brighter along the way. Nice post.

Andy Smart

‘Positivity in life, happiness, courage all are hidden in the love of your life’. I shall go to bed and wake up with that. Thank you 🙂


Very nice. I agree as well.


Wonderful!! Following you now! Great post!


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