What is The Purpose of Life?

One of the most discussing topics of the today’s life is  What is the purpose of life? We always think like that I am an important person and I’m here for a particular purpose. When this thinking is arising in our mind, we are being busy to find the purpose of life. And then, this search distracts us from our life. We forget about the life. We forget to love the life. We forget to see the beauty of life.  In this way, if we are turned aside from the path of life, how can we find the purpose of life?

The meaning of life is hidden within the life. The life doesn’t mean money, success, job, family, property and relationships. We came into this world alone and one day we will go alone. So, “I” alone is life. Rest of all exist because of this “I”. Life is like a river.  When we can flow with the stream of the life, we can enjoy the never ending beauty of it. Thus, if we know this “I” or “who am I”, we can consciously flow with the current of aliveness. We can enjoy every beat of life with full of happiness because the real happiness belongs to our soul.

The purpose of life is to flow with the stream of life.

When we can consciously travel with the life, we don’t need to find any other purpose.  Searching the purpose of life means, focusing the aim more than the life. Suppose, someone thinks finding God is the purpose of life. That means God is more important than life. Then the next question comes “what is the purpose of God?”  In this way, the questions are going on endlessly.

God is here because life is here. If life is not here, the question will not come into the mind. Everything is because of life and life has no purpose.

Suppose, after deep thinking and astrological counting, you have found you are born to win Noble prize. Imagine, one day, you achieved it. Then what will you do then? You have already fulfilled your purpose of life. Now, there is no meaning of life to you. Are you going to commit suicide?

No, no, certainly not. You must carry on the work, you were practicing before that. That’s mean, there is nothing more valuable than the life or greater than the life. Spirit is proceeding on its own path. Life itself is its purpose. Thus, finding the purpose of life means ignoring the spirit. Only, the ignorant does that. The person, who loves his life, cannot endure finding that.  The love has no purpose other than loving. In the same way, life has no purpose other than living. So, nothing is more beautiful than living the life with the full force of spirit.


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Very profound…thought provoking….its always nice to read ur posts 😀

Infinite Living

Loved your clarity and simplicity in bringing these deep perspectives. Yes, the purpose and means is the same …Life itself is everything.


Life is worth living, I think you’ll agree,
The purpose you say, is easy to see,
To live this life the best that you can,
Not wondering what happens if you don’t have a plan.

Babu Appat

You are absolutely right. But life is an endless continuum. It flows on and on. The sentence about death, end, etc. is not agreeable to me. If you are born you will die. If you are not born you will not. If you limit your concept of life to the earthly existence what you said may be right.We are paying a visit to this planet called earth. Look up the galaxy you may find myriad worlds, with myriad forms of existence, All of those worlds and all those forms of existences are meant for us too. So the earthly existence… Read more »


Wonderful, deep insights, thought provoking. Superb Sayanti.


Something i also think and ponder about. life has no purpose but living might contradict someone’s thought initially, but i get it what you mean by that. to live life the way it is supposed to be. to be entirely cognizant and mindful of ourselves and live in such harmonious continuum. the objective should not ruin the process, is what i’m starting to believe. i hope i got the interpretation right.


Such positive and important messages throughout your blog. I very much enjoy reading your posts (: