Rare Event: Moon Changing Color

That was a full moon day. I really astonished to see the colors of the moon. The moon was changing its color continuously in the evening. In the first photo, I found the silvery glow of the moon in the blue sky just after the sunset. After that, it was changed into purple. Then, its color was changed into blue within a few second.  And then it turned into a faded orange color that was near to the natural glow of the moon.

But, in naked eye, I couldn’t see this event of changing color. I, only, observed, that the glow of the moon was not like the same that we see daily. I kept capturing the photos of the moon by pressing the shutter, continuously. After that, when I saw those photos on the laptop, I found these four different colors of the moon. The color of the moon was not edited by any photo editing software.  I just edited the clarity and exposure of the photo by LR to make it presentable.

After watching these rare colors of the moon, I googled its cause. It is said that in the evening when the moon is on the horizon, it has to pass through many atmospheric layers. And by that time, the pollution level is high in the city. Hence, its spectrum is scattered through the air molecules of the atmosphere and creates a different color in our eyes. To know more about it, you can check this article on reference.com.

The rare event of moon’s color change is my entry for this week’s #WPC- Rare.


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Wow! Sheer beauty!


Glad you shared, treat to watch this, how good to witness it.


Photography is your passion dear sis Sayanti …keep it up.

Its nice to see the colourful shades of moon and I swear I had an awful experience for the first time ever

Sumith Babu

Love those captures and your patience😊good one sayanti

Tina Schell

That is VERY cool. Great idea for the challenge


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Treat indeed!


Was it full moon..😂😂

Sumi Nath

beautiful..treat for the eyes 🙂

Little Purple Box

Awesome. Thanks for sharing


Whoaa…each one of them looks mesmerizing…Sayanti, U really nailed it here 🙂
The Rainbow Moon 😀


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Blog Andrew

🙂 I’m a Moon Landing Geek (unashamedly!) And I’ve never seen these colours before, I guess the Horizon acts as natural filters? A great Post.