Recycle & Reuse of the Waste of Human Mind

recycle+mindRecycle and Reuse are the most common environmental process to eliminate the waste from the environment. The human mind is also like the environment.  If we can see our mind in the mirror, we can’t look at the mirror for a minute. Since the garbage of society destroys the beauty of our mind.  That’s why we are always wondering for happiness, whereas it belongs to us.

Happiness is suppressed under the garbage of your mind. When you transform this huge dump of garbage into the useful things, you can enjoy the happiness of transformations. This is called recycle and reuse of the waste of mind. Day by day, the garbage is increasing in our mind. To decrease the load, we just throw it from our house to our neighbour’s house and this cycle continues shamelessly.

What is the Garbage?

Garbage is nothing but our unhealthy emotions like anger, hate, jealousy, frustration, rejection and so many negative thoughts. When you feel you are overloaded by those, you simply throw it to other’s mind. Suppose, in your office, your boss insults you for some reasons and you came back home by suppressing your anger. Your wife serves you dinner. Unfortunately, you find  out that your favourite chicken item is slightly less boiled. That heats your anger and it’s blasted out. You shout on your wife and you don’t want to hear anything from your wife. Finally, you reject the dinner, which makes your wife angry. Your little daughter watches this scene between her Mom and Dad and she is getting frightened by both of your reactions. She starts to cry in loud. Then, your wife shouts on the little girl by coming in anger. In this way, a family peace is totally distorted by throwing the anger in a cycle. Here, the anger is garbage.

But, if you release the anger in another way rather than suppressing it within your mind, the anger of your boss cannot disturb your family peace. In this case, you can do more hard work in office to release your anger or can do a little understanding of your anger. If the fault is yours, you should apologize to your boss. If  you have no fault, you should ignore the anger by coming in compassion like “he is a poor guy, either he is jealous of me and just want to show me down or he simply discharges his own load of anger.” Why should you carry other’s load of garbage?  Just, look at your child. She is neither carrying the load of that anger nor throwing it back to continue the cycle. She released it by crying (as she knows only this technique of release) and then she started playing by forgetting it. Her play and activities make both of you happy. In this way, the little girl transforms your anger into your happiness.

She can do it because she is not loaded by the garbage of society. She is happy with herself and providing happiness to the people around you. But, when she will learn from the society that she has to suppress the emotions to maintain the so-called formality, she’ll just forget the magic of transformation.

Reduce, Recycle and Reuse:

If we can keep the habit of the transformation of unhealthy emotions, we can get a stress-free life. Every emotion is full of energy. So, if we learn to recycle the garbage of mind, we can reuse it for a constructive purpose. This is called the transformation of negative energy into positive energy for constructive work.

So, when you will experience any unhealthy emotion, just try to release it in a positive way or in constructive purpose. Emotions like anger, jealousy, anxiety, and hate are carrying tremendous energy. You shouldn’t waste it like  the garbage. Don’t go in suppressing that energy, they are not easily available. Discharge those in a constructive way. If you love to write, write something at that time. If you are a passionate blogger, write some fabulous, energetic blog post. If you like dancing or jogging or singing, go for that. Keep in mind that you have to do some energetic activity. But, don’t go for listening to the music or reading a storybook (even you cannot do those that time). If you can’t find any energetic activity, just go for a walk. After all, health is wealth.

At the time of less energetic emotions like frustration, sadness, depression, etc., you shouldn’t waste your time by drinking the alcohol bottle after bottle or taking antidepressants/ sleeping pills. Solitude comes, when energy escapes. Accept the solitude. It restricts all the distractions of your mind from worldly activities, which helps you to focus on yourself, that is called introspections.

As much as you practice it in this way, your mind will be trained to reduce the amount of these unhealthy emotions.


Do you know lotus flower? It is a divine flower to the Hindus and the Buddhists. It is portrayed, Vishnu and Lakshmi sit on the lotus flower, Buddha sits on a lotus flower. This has significance. The Lotus flower is the perfect example of “Transformations”. It is found in the muddy and murky water of a pond or lake, which spreads a pungent odour. But, when the lotus bloomed it spreads beauty and fragrance. The muddy water is the symbol of the waste of our mind and the lotus flower is the symbol of beauty, happiness and peace, which you can say ‘positivity’. The pungent odour of muddy water, that is the negative thoughts transform into the fragrance of lotus, that is positivity or constructive work. When you will transform all the garbage of the mind into the best and essential products of life like a lotus flower, you will rediscover your happiness and can spend a stress-free life. 

The Three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) of eliminating waste from the environment are also applicable for eliminating the waste of human minds. So, keep practicing the process of reducing, reuse and recycling of the garbage of your mind and clean the mind. Automatically, you will enjoy a happy and stress-free life.


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I am going to think this through over and over and implement. Reduce, reuse and recycle. Actually those toxic thoughts kill us.

Advanced Research Technology

This is a very interesting perspective as it shows that all thought is energy, whether negative or positive, and emotion can be converted in useful ways. Another useful way to convert energy, negative or positive, is to step back from the situation and observe what it is bringing into your life in the moment. Once we understand why situations exist and that we attract them to ourselves, we can then use them to propel us forward in positive ways. Thanks for sharing this insight. We are very much like a lotus flower, if we allow ourselves to shine in environments… Read more »


Fantastic metaphor. Does get me thinking of how general recycling for my head works … like in real life, even once you got rid of all the garbage it keeps piling up regularly again.


I like that theory, using the three Rs for our minds, great advice!